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Have you tried the new #carmageddon early access? Apparently it’s looking good.

That’s according to the Twitter accounts of three ‘girls’, Luann, Coraline and Jeanette who all tweeted the same promotional information about Carmageddon synchronously:

This could just be a weird coincidence. Or they could be ‘bots’, software applications that runs automated tasks over the Internet. Usually these bots are easy to spot because they fall into the Uncanny Valley, so it is laughable that someone would try and use them for what could easily be described as cheap publicity, especially for a game that is going to be searched for on social media – there was no way that this copy and pasting was going to go unnoticed.

But before anyone cries out at Stainless Games for trying to publicise their games this way, Publishing Director of Carmageddon: Reincarnation Jason Garber has clarified that these tweets do not originate from the company:

As a matter of fact, we do not engage with any spambots, twitterbots, fbbots, vkbots, instagrambots at all. The fact that I missed it on the first and replied to the other two was noticed by Mike Bithell with whom I exchanged information letting him know that Stainless Games never uses any kind of bot for social media.


Moral of the story? Follow the example of Stainless Games; don’t use Twitter bots to publicise anything if they are posing as people. Twitter bots may be a powerful tool, but their use will only come with negative publicity.