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In this game of life, it’s nearly impossible to play every game, see every movie, or read every book that you want. There are quite a few game series that I am just now playing for the first time. I’m really ashamed of this, but I just don’t have time for all of these awesome games! Anyway, here they are:

  • The Legend of Zelda series

Yes, I know: this is really sad. I grew up with Nintendo consoles…how in the world did I miss out on Zelda games?! I’m not quite sure, but it’s something I really regret. I am just now catching up. I started Skyward Sword today, and I am really enjoying it. I’m also pretty mad that I didn’t play this the day it came out.

  • Metal Gear Solid series

Since I never had a PlayStation growing up, I missed out on the Metal Gear Solid series. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized what I was missing out on. I know absolutely nothing about Metal Gear, and that makes me sad. The Phantom Pain looks incredible, and I wish I could experience it on day one. Unfortunately, I’m not going to have time to finish all of the other Metal Gear games before The Phantom Pain comes out.

  • Kingdom Hearts series

Yeah, I know. This is bad. The Kingdom Hearts series is extremely appealing to me, but, again, I didn’t have a PlayStation growing up. I only had Nintendo consoles, so I missed out on a lot of great games. I recently got the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, but I haven’t had time to play it yet.

The whole point of this is that you should never feel like it’s too late to try any game you missed out on. Yes, I’m very ashamed that I’m just now getting around to these games, but “better late than never,” as they say.

What games have you yet to play? Your list can’t be as bad as mine. Let me know in the comments below.