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Omega Boost is a game that is very close to my heart, being that it was my first venture into the world of mecha, a genre that I adore to this very day. The story revolves around Lt. Lester, pilot of the incredible super weapon known as Omega Boost. Armed with only his skill, a strange relic and enough firepower to take out a small armada, Lester is tasked with going back in time to the creation of the first computer, ENIAC, and stopping an unknown AI from altering it’s design and turning the modern world into a war-torn wasteland. With the fate of his people hanging in the balance Lester boosts forth battling weaponized asteroids, space monstrosities and Omega Boost’s similar yet mysterious rival, Alpha Boost.

What this game lacks in story it more than makes up for with gameplay. Though it is considered to be an on-rails shooter, many of the games levels allow free movement throughout the battlefield, which is good considering its fast-paced, action oriented style will have you dashing and dodging to avoid enemy attacks while simultaneously unleashing your own barrage of hell and gunfire (ala Armored Core). Upgrades become available as you advance the campaign and increase your score as well as grant access to the Viper Boost, a screen clearing ultimate attack that uses the full power of Omega Boost’s thrusters to unleash complete destruction upon the enemy. Along with a solid soundtrack featuring works by Loudmouth and Static-X, an at the time unheard of frame rate of 60 fps, an epic final boss battle and definite re-playability, Omega Boost is easily one of the most underrated games of its generation.