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Minecraft is the game people just can’t stop talking about within the gaming sphere. It is not hard to tell why based on what we recently learned from the game’s creator Markus Persson.


With a little bit of calculating you should as well as me realize the game got quite a following. We should note that the game’s player base is split up on multiple different platforms and based on the stats released and researched by others I’ve come up with the following figures:

  • 14 million copies for PC
  • 20 million copies for Android & iOS app combined (equally 10 each)
  • 10 million copies for Xbox 360 and 1 million copies for PS3

Those numbers are insane and equal very few other games’ total sales. World of Warcraft is the closest game in relation to the statistics I could come up with which approximately got 30-40 million copies sold as of now, but even then it doesn’t seem to break the increasing Minecraft sales we see are continuing to trend.

The future difference between Minecraft for PC and Pocket Edition

What happens when Pocket Edition eventually gets to be at the same level in terms of development progress as Minecraft for PC? According to Mojang themselves in a live stream the resources for the PC version will eventually be more about improving the multiplayer features. On PC they are less limited by restrictions and limitations as they are on smartphone devices.

Whereas for Pocket Edition the focus will shine more brightly on specific features for Pocket Edition where singleplayer grows more importantly. According to the information given in the live stream Pocket Edition won’t have an official server package as Minecraft for PC has. One shouldn’t cry out loud in despair as MCPE still will be able just as it is now to support PocketMine, MCPE Index and of course Pocket Realms which they by the way will introduce later this year.

The Most Clear Differences Today Between Minecraft for PC and Pocket Edition

Pocket Edition, or Minecraft Lite as I’ve heard others refer to it, is still quite far behind in features compared to Minecraft for PC. It’s no weird thing when the PC version is frequently updated with new features which makes it it hard to keep both of them leveled when Pocket Edition is already far behind. Though, it has made some progress. Lets have a look at the most interesting differences. Pocket Edition = PE, Minecraft for PC = PC.

Multiplayer: I’m sure any Minecraft player can sign on the the idea that Minecraft is the most fun played with others. For PE the accessibility is limited. It’s possible to connect to online worlds in PE but it’s a bit more tricky and it’s also harder to setup a Minecraft server. Basically it requires an app outside of PE and as of now Mojang doesn’t want to release a server package, instead they want to sell their subscription based service Pocket Realms.

Out of a business perspective it makes sense but then I’ve always looked at Markus Persson as a more laid back person not caring too much about that, but then it’s today a company which are looking for ways to monetize their success even further so it makes total sense as well.

Game modifications: Mods, maps, skins and texture packs. That’s four things that has brought Minecraft to a whole new level. It has opened the gates for players to modify the games and make it more personal and as they want it to be like and this especially in PC.

In PE it’s possible to do all of these things even though it’s a little bit harder as the community is smaller and seem to be attracting a larger amount of younger people. And as a result of this the possibilities are more limited at this point but as the game grows and attract a larger scale of audience it’s not unlikely that more sophisticated modifications will be released.

Exploration: One of the most important feature in Minecraft is exploration. Being able to walk in any direction for hours without reaching an invisible wall is an important element in the game. In PC this has never been the case as the worlds are literally infinitive (ok, not infinitive but it’s so large I wouldn’t be able to type out the size here!).

On the other hand in PE the worlds are only 256×256 blocks in size. Once again the programming limitations of smartphone devices has proven its point. But no more worries guys as in Pocket Edition version 0.9.0 (next update!) this will all change when infinitive worlds will be implemented.

Also the fact of being able to share worlds with others are appreciated. And now I’m not talking about custom made maps, I’m talking about seeds. Any damage to a seed’s block won’t be visible to your friend but the original world you spawned in can be shared simply by sharing the string or letters or numbers. As the Mojang mentions in the live stream seeds for PC will likely be quite similar to PE in the future but not entirely.