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proffesor purse


Let’s face it: girls are all fashionistas in one way or another. At times, a lot of men and women yearn to establish a fashion boutique or launch a new clothing time. In these hard times, it might not be the greatest venture to move forward with, but people can always dream…or play a video game.

That’s right, instead of investing $10,000 into a fashion retail store or creating a new style of clothing, you can head to your laptop, tablet or Smartphone to play some online fashion mobile games. These games allow players to enter a new career as a fashion model, maintain a fashion boutique like atelierGS (used to be my favourite e-shop when I lived in France) or even shop at high-end stores, not as interesting as visiting Avenue Montaigne in Paris, but still good for my daughter.

Surprisingly, there are numerous mobile fashion games on the Internet today. To narrow it down and to pick the best one for you, here are five of the top online fashion games that you can play right now.

Fashion Designer (Facebook)

Do you have an idea for a new kind of dress? Do you succeed under pressure? Well, this game, Fashion Designer, might be for you. The Facebook game consists of various challenges, such as clients who need an assortment of looks for a special event. The premise of the game is to earn as much money and points as you can.

Professor Purse (Online Game)

This is a very simple game for girls: design a handbag. You can incite your creativity by producing handbags while also learning the tricks of the trade of graphic design tools. This is considered to be one of the most popular games on the Internet for girls.

It Girl (Facebook)

Described by fans as the alternative to the popular Top Girl iPhone game, It Girl works like this: earn money from your day job and then with your earnings you head to a store and purchase clothes with a “hotness” classification. After this, the players do battle with other girls at parties to win additional funds.

Fashion Star (Online Game)

Again, this online game is very simple: select a model of your choosing and then drag and drop clothes to create fun, interesting and unique fashions. Reviews state that this is an easy game that comes with plenty of entertainment.

Fashion Designer New York (Online Game)

If you have ever seen the motion pictures “Funny Face” or “The Devil Wears Prada” then it is rather likely that you have desired to work in the fashion industry in New York City. Well, if it’s a difficult dream to attain then play this game.

Fashion Designer New York is an online game that allows its players to craft outfits for a New York City fashion show. It’s a unique game because each player can choose a design studio city, pick three models and begin to drag and drop clothes to make a “fashion statement.” In addition, players can also apply makeup and preview their models before they do the catwalk on the runway.