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Ace of Spades: Battle Builder is a First-Person Shooter with a voxel based graphic style. The game was released on December 12, 2012 by the Runescape developer Jagex. The purpose here though is to figure out if it’s any good!

The Review:
Ace of Spades: Battle Builder focuses strictly on its multiplayer settings since there is no single-player present. This game plays just like any First-Person shooter with your standard array of firearms present in just about any Modern Military Shooter. No, the thing that sets this game apart is its interesting destruction and building element in the vain of Minecraft with a little bit of Battlefield 3 thrown in. The 26 maps present in the game and the plethora of other custom maps are large, fun, and really show off the underwhelming Voxlap engine. The biggest issue is that NOBODY PLAYS the game! Looking at the server browser is a cringe worthy sight as you realize that only one person plays the game. Occasionally you will be lucky and encounter an almost full game and when there are people playing the game truly shines. The game offers a total of 7 different classes: Commander, Deuce, Engineer, Gangster, Marksman, Miner, and Zombie. Each of which offers something refreshing to the formula, with each class having pros and cons. For example, the commando (Which looks hilariously similar to Sylvester Stallone in Rambo) is a very heavy class with weapons such as the Minigun and RPG which have high damage and high rates of fire but leave the commando class feeling very slow in comparison to the other classes. The biggest thing to mention would be the options present on PC. The game does not have an FOV slider which at times makes me get the feeling that I’m on a boat in the middle of a disastrous hurricane. I also have encountered my fair share of issues such as falling through the world, ridiculous load times, and other issues that should be fixed.

The Decree:
2 out of 5
The game looks bad and I feel that it is just an average playing game. The building and destruction mechanics are also rarely used which leaves this game feeling like an inferior multiplayer product. Couple that with performance issues and the likes, you just have an incredibly average experience. It could’ve been so much more!

If you want to pick this up:

Ace of Spades: $14.99