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What a game! I’ve always been a particular fan of music based games. I don’t know its just something about playing an addictive game that conforms to the music you want it to play. This is very different from just playing any game and having iTunes open in the background. So let’s get on with it…

I played this game for about 2 hours and I loved it! I couldn’t be happier. For starters the game looks great, the art style just does it for me its really just so appealing to look at. The gameplay is the “thing” though and it is just perfectly ssssiillky smooth, like butter on ice or Jackie Chan in “Waste of an Hour” oh wait I meant “Rush Hour.” I never played the original AudioSurf but I am aware that it was meet with critical acclaim and now I understand why. During my time with the game I only played two of the six or so modes available, wakeboard and mono. Wakeboard is a cool mode since it has you surfing the audio that is playing… completely unexpected I know. Something about doing sick flips while listening to Steely Dan’s “Deacon Blues” or Billy Joel’s “You’re Only Human (Second Wind)” is just a satisfying experience. That’s why I’m glad that AudioSurf 2 is able to detect the tracks that you have on your machine unlike a game such as Rock Band or Guitar Hero (Oh wait, Guitar Hero just makes you by a new game if you want to listen to people you enjoy. Wait, so does Rock Band.) The wakeboard mode has you hitting blocks that match along with tracks from the song that you are listening to while avoiding a black hole that was possibly planted there by Soundgarden. The track curves and moves according to what is happening in the song so when there is not really anything happening in the song the track curves upward when there is a lot of noise and drops the track declines and also drops. Oddly enough, music by the Insane Clown Posse, Bruno Willis, and Shaquille O’Neal don’t seem to play (not true.) I guess I’ll need to find another game where I can drop my hot records of “Shaq Diesel” and “Respect.” The mono mode is very similar to the wakeboard due to the fact that you fly a spaceship across hype ass rhythm waves??? You read correctly, you fly a spaceship while picking up blocks and avoiding wormholes while listening to Barbara Streisand… I mean uh, Metallica. Overall, this one hell of a game. I really do love it. Especially for $15 it is an outstanding deal!

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