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(I would like to note that my experiences have been single-player only as of now, a multiplayer impressions will be coming.)

Starbound’s beta was finally released to the public today and it is a good bit of fun… but it does have it’s fair share of issues.

Now I understand that it is only the first day of the beta being released and things are “bound” to happen. After downloading the 1.3 gb game off of Steam I was ready and excited to lose myself in a game that was so absolutely stunning and fun. Right at the get go I was met with crashes galore even before I got to the main menu, but beta is beta. When I finally entered the main menu of this game immediately all of my bad thoughts and experiences floated away as I stared in pure amazement and imagined all the fun I would have in this game, oh no it crashed, yup that’s a crash. It crashed another ten times and then I was off to the character selection screen. I was fairly impressed with the interesting and amusing races that were created. All of the races look like they have their own back story to tell so I’m fairly excited to see what comes of that. Once my character customization was completed I finally entered Starbound. To start I would like to say that the environments are gorgeous, animation quality is top notch, and the physics in the game are fairly realistic which injects a little bit of skill to basic activities such as firing the bow and jumping. Also there is a tutorial present in the game which does a decent job at explaining the basics of the game but leaves a good portion to guessing which can become frustrating when trying to complete some of the tutorial quests. Starbound has also succeeded in creating what may be one of the worst devices in video game history, the plasma-cutter looking device titled Matter Manipulator which is basically a mining tool, but it is an awful mining tool. The Matter Manipulator is so weak and just takes such a long time to do anything in terms of mining. The combat is fairly simple using your left and right mouse buttons to swing your sword or holding down the left mouse button to charge up the bow (which does have infinite arrows.) The basic fighting is simple, but when it comes to actually hitting stuff it is anything but simple. This game IS NOT EASY! It will kick the shit out of you, mobs are rock hard, and everything is out to kill you. This game just throws you into the thick of it and just expects you to survive. That isn’t new to games though, a great game that did this whole throwing you into the thick of it with shitty materials was S.T.A.L.K.E.R. except there was a difficulty curve unlike Starbound’s 90 degree angle of a difficulty mountain. If you are a fan of that then by all means enjoy but that is something that really soured my experience and left me wanting those patches to come out soon.  Overall, it’s an enjoyable experience, but I start liking it less and less the more I play it.
Then again… Beta is Beta.