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I’ve just finished playing a sizable chunk of Age of Wonders III and to be honest, I’m quite impressed.

The Age of Wonders series is one that I have truly never played. They all seemed to contain the certain qualities that would just be screaming my name: an interesting world, good RTS combat, and a deep and structured gameplay infrastructure, yet I still negated myself the opportunity to delve into these games. Yet, here comes Age of Wonders III a game which looks absolutely enjoyable on all fronts. Despite certain bugs and such the game is truly enjoyable, but that is pushing aside bugs and crippling ones at that. For starters, the game is gorgeous with an impeccable art style that I just can’t seem to keep my eyes off of coupled with high quality texture resolution. I was always a very big fan of the Heroes of Might and Magic series and this game happens to be very reminiscent of it. If I could describe this game using other games I would say it is a cross between HofM&M (Cause Great) and Civilization specifically V (Cause hexagons) and that is all good news. The game is very deep and does follow a very interesting storyline I mainly played on the Elf storyline which does have it’s twists and turns that were not all that surprising. Sadly, this game does lack a good story and instead we are treated to a cliche adventure that seems to be tacking items off of a list. Overall, I did find this game to be worth the money and truly is a time sink. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into more of this game. I would say to just wait until this game goes on sale, but if you are looking for a good ‘ol time sink then look no further than to here.

If you want to pick this up:

Age of Wonders III: $39.99 or your regional equivalent