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Perhaps you’re someone who spends lots of time downloading apps and playing games on your phone or tablet – so much so that you’ve reasoned with yourself many times over that you could probably design a game better than the ones you play. But the fact that you don’t know an HTML code from a “dot NET” anything has always stopped you – until now.

Even if you’re not a developer, you can still get your gaming apps in the iTunes App Store by following these steps:

Step #1 – Sketch out the concept, or at least be able to explain it to CAD experts

Your first step in getting your game app closer to reality involves being able to explain it to others. If you have no desire to learn computer-aided design software like AutoCAD to create your own gaming characters, outsource the creation of your own little Luigi-like Mario Kart guy to experts like IndiaCADworks so they can use their CAD 3D modeling software knowledge to lickety-split get you what you desire.

Step #2 – Hire developers to write the code – or buy a clone of another game’s code

After you have a pretty detailed idea of how you want your gaming app to behave, create a job-for-hire on websites like oDesk or Elance, and let experienced programmers from around the world bid against one another in order to win your job.

Make sure to provide as much logic and artwork as you can in order to help the developer understand exactly what it is you’re seeking, and before hiring any old cheap resource, make sure their credentials and portfolio prove they can code a successful app.

If you merely want to create a slick clone of another successful app, check out sites like Chupamobile to buy source code that might require only minor changes – “re-skinning” the graphics and audio, perhaps – that you may not even need a developer to update.

Step #3 – Join the Apple Developer Program, get in iTunes Connect and submit your information

“Welcome to the Apple Developer Program.”

That’s what the email read from Apple Developer Support that I received mere days ago, with the company thanking me for joining the iOS Developer Program that I’ve wanted to join since 2010, back when I didn’t yet own a MacBook. Alas, now I do, so I shelled out the $99 per year (plus tax) that it takes to join the program.

After doing so, you’ll get access to their development tools and guides to help you start publishing apps – and if you have any problems logging on to iTunes Connect like I did, call Apple and they’ll fix it for you.

Test and submit your app, pray it’s approved and that it becomes a big success. Then repeat the process for as many gaming apps as your mind can think up.