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“Legacy” Update

The Legacy Mode Beta update is out right now, and is all set to be the next big thing in the RuneScape Old School gaming franchise. And understandably, it has stirred up quite a storm among players in the gaming world.

The Legacy Mode Beta Update provides gamers with more options than ever before. The major changes that the update brings you are in terms of refinements and bug fixes, which have certainly pleased the majority of the gamers. Here is a look into the major changes that the latest beta update offers you:

  • Monster aggression is now unavailable and you can look for other alternatives in the future.
  • The wilderness combat levels are now displayed in the format 126+12. This can be changed upon feedback from the users and gamers.
  • The armor tier changes in the game have been reverted and will be monitored from now on.
  • You can now customize the chatbox transparency when playing in Legacy Mode.
  • A large number of bugs in the game have been fixed.
  • You can no longer stack the granite maul special in order to use them rapidly.
  • There are no more delays for special attacks after the auto-attack.
  • The energy for the special attacks will regenerate quickly now.
  • The passive heal function for Excalibur has been improved.
  • Your special attack energy will not be drained when eating food in Legacy Mood.
  • The strength is boosted with the battleaxe.
  • The timing of the special attacks has been fixed.

“Authenticator” Update

Due to the increasing amount of security breaches in the online world these days, it goes without saying that every gamer is having major concerns over their RuneScape accounts. If you feel your account is at risk, then worry no more – the RuneScape Authenticator is here to help!

The Authenticator is a free update for all RuneScape main game and Old School players. To sum it up, the Authenticator is a major sigh of relief for all RuneScape gamers as it will protect their accounts and keep them away from unauthorized parties.

Players can easily set it up via the RuneScape website. Once the update is set up, it will function as a code generator app by generating a code containing six digits, much similar to that of Android, Blackberry, and iOS phones. All you have to do is enter the code each time you log into your account from a new PC. From there on, you can set the account to remember the computer you logged in from for 30 days, or as per your wish.

How Will These Updates Affect the Gaming World?

These updates are certainly all set to improve the gaming experience on the RuneScape gaming franchise. Although the developers have done everything they can to provide reassurance to the players that their accounts are protected, you never really know when those unsavory forces could strike. This is why we urge players to take preventive measures on their own as well. A major aspect of the RuneScape experience that needs no introduction is the game’s marketplace. In order to make sure all of your deals on this marketplace are crystal clear and free of any deceptions, you should consider opting for a reliable RuneScape Old School platform for virtual gaming currency trading and player-to-player digital assets exchanging. Trading on a reliable platform will only further enhance your gaming experience and protect you from any fraudulent characters that might be up to no good.