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The Wii U is the much maligned successor to the Wii and a console that many wrote off as dead long ago. Now the system seems poised to reverse its dire situation and become what is arguably the greatest comeback story in gaming.

The success of Mario Kart 8 was Nintendo’s brightest moment in a dark period. It’s the fastest selling Wii U title to date, having sold roughly two million copies in its first month. The game is not the savior many felt it would be, but it may be the game that marks the turning point in the Wii U’s life. It has brought something the Wii U had been sorely lacking (competitive fun) and paired it with value (a free Wii U title of your choice)..

Shortly after Mario Kart released, E3 was upon us. Many thought that Nintendo was missing out by skipping the press conferences. That opinion seems to have changed. Nintendo claimed somewhere between four and five million people viewed the digital event and, according to a poll by IGN, E3 observers ranked Nintendo first in head-to-head comparison of games, conferences, and overall showing. By all accounts, the Nintendo Digital Event and Treehouse were both giant successes.

Since the release of Mario Kart 8 and the stellar E3 showing, the way forum goers and “media outlets” view the Wii U has improved greatly. Go anywhere gamers gather on the Internet and you’re bound to see quite a few threads about new Wii U purchases or just interest in general. This is a good thing for Nintendo, something they need to work hard to maintain. It’s impossible to understate the power of good publicity for the little console that could.

The number of games announced for the Wii U is paltry compared to the PS4 or XB1, but that doesn’t change the fact it has the best games currently. The Wii U’s short-term lineup is stacked with quality and heavy-hitting titles starting this holiday season. Bayonetta 1+2, Captain Toad, and Super Smash Bros. look to be great lead ins to the best year the Wii U may ever see. There’s also the sleeping giant. Over 72 million children are interested in smart toys, and the “amiibo” looks to be chief among them. If handled correctly, the Amiibo could become the next Tickle Me Elmo.

The Wii U likely won’t touch the numbers of the PS4, but it could become a comfortable success.