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You’re a sports fanatic. Shows like Pardon The Interruption are a permanent part of your season pass DirecTV DVR recording schedule. Websites like Yahoo Sports are bookmarked across the top of your toolbar as you read this article.

Your NFL picks already look promising a month prior to the season starting – and to pass the time until your Fantasy Football drafts begin, you like to pretend you’re a sports star in the midst of the action by replicating those moves as a gaming character.

Well, in light of all that sports and video gaming fanaticism, which popular games can you look forward to arriving at your doorstep soon? Here are a few of the top sports games getting great pre-order buzz:

#1 – Madden NFL 15 by Electronic Arts

No surprise here. The Madden NFL franchise has a long history of appearing on Amazon’s best-seller lists, and NFL 15 is no different, with its various PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions all enjoying high sales ranks on Amazon prior to the game’s August 26, 2014, release date.

#2 – FIFA 15 by Electronic Arts

Blame the latest World Cup for finally turning some Americans on to soccer in 2014. Perhaps that’s the reason that FIFA 15 is sailing pretty high on the pre-order sales lists well before the game’s September 23, 2014, scheduled release date.

#3 – NBA2K 15 by 2K Games

The upcoming pro-basketball season promises to be an exciting one, due to the shifting of a few veterans, and the launch of many promising newbies on the scene. With LeBron James returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers, his NBA fans are hopeful that the “King of Ak” will finally bring his hometown a handful of championship rings. It’s no wonder that the PlayStation 4 version of NBA2K 15 is ranked highest in terms of pre-order sales, a similar sales ranking that the PS4 versions of the aforementioned games enjoy.

Well, we’ll have to wait until October 7, 2014, for that puppy to switch from “pre-order now” to “available now” status on Amazon.

#4 – NHL 15 by Electronic Arts

Maybe all of the above mentioned sports are “your thing” – or maybe none of them. If you’re the type who has followed hockey since Wayne Gretzky was the only superstar and you love seeing those guys whack the stuffing out of each other, NHL 15 is possibly already a part of your order history. Obviously enough people have been buying that game already to drive it up to the best selling pre-order lists.

Compelling video game trailers have convinced fans to buy their favorite platform version of NHL 15, which is scheduled to be released on September 9, 2014.

#5 – WWE 2K15 by 2K Games

Yes, I guess the WWE is truly a sport – my high school friend who was a wresting fanatic for those cute twin brothers in the 1980s whose names escape me would perish the thought of thinking otherwise. That’s why WWE 2K15 is also sailing really high on the pre-order lists, but that one doesn’t launch until October 28, 2014.