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Let me start by saying I LOVE gamers. They are (generally) a uniquely creative brand of people who truly get into the art of video games and if I had it my way I would personally thank every hardcore nerd out there for helping further the industry. That being said, I feel the need to discuss my biggest qualm with them: their lack of true community.

We have a convention or two every couple of months that a small subset of true gamers attend, but overall the vast majority of us are alone and isolated from the gaming community besides those that we personally know. Some people just aren’t good at making new friends, or a suspicious of online interaction, but it is my opinion that the majority of gamers simply aren’t aware of the opportunities given to them. At the bottom of this blog there will be some links to sites that support a really high quality community of gamers who will help you enjoy online gaming to a higher degree. Sign up, talk to some people and then go play the games you love with them. As mentioned in my previous blog, having a buddy at your side when you kill the boss is much more rewarding than if you do it alone.

When you come together as a group of people often times you learn stuff you never knew you didn’t know. I cannot begin to tell you how many secret areas I have learned existed due to gaming forums, or how many people on them have told me tricks to defeating bosses that cleaned my clock over and over again. Some of these people attend the same conventions that I do and I periodically meet up with them in real life. It’s like having a camp best friend but one you talk to all the time!

If you ever feel the need to get out there and do some socializing, I highly recommend it. The chances are there for you to take and I seriously doubt you will regret it. Anyways, from me to you, game on my friends!