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We have had a lot of great PC games in various categories, rocking our entertainment world. With the rise of powerful portable devices like iPad and Android phones, these games are being ported to those devices, making us enjoy adventuring once more in such worlds but this time while we are anywhere on Earth. Most notable games that are coming to iOS and that I would like to talk about are the following:

  1. Spider man unlimited
  2. Asphalt Overdrive
  3. Bioshock
  4. Angels in the Sky

Let us start with Spider Man Unlimited. We have all heard about Spider man and his adventures. After he got bit by a spider, he gains these supernatural powers of a mutated lab spider and starts doing all sort of weird stuff. The Spider man game series follow the plot exactly as they were made by the Gameloft Company. The game offers a variety of 23 different Spider man characters, with which players can have many hours of fun filled gameplay. The plot in the game includes a team of Six evil members called “The Formidable Sinister Six” that are trying to open a dimensional rift to gain unlimited powers, until Spider man steps in. The release date for this awesome game is set in September this year.

What is more intense than playing an arcade driving game while being at work? The second game we are talking about today is Asphalt Overdrive. A game published by the same company that made Spider Man Unlimited, Gameloft is preparing to release Asphalt Overdrive for the iOS devices in the third quarter of this year. Featuring top notch graphics and a new designed map of “Southern California” and online high degree competition, drifts, police chases and more. Enjoy a new level of gaming, but this time it’s on your iOS device!

Most of the hardcore gamers (especially FPS – first person shooter – gamers) could not have skipped Bioshock. The game was released on PC in August 2007 published by 2k Games. At that time, the game had top notch graphics, astounding plot story and intense emotionally moments. The original game plot is set in 1960, when Jack’s airplane (the main character) crashes in the ocean near the pinpoint location of Rapture city, a very dark place underground. The plot of this game is enough to keep one playing for hours and not get bored. The good news is that 2k Games Company decided to port this immersive game to iOS platform allowing people to play the game wherever they are. Release date is set for third quarter of this year.

With Angels in the Sky you can become a space warlord. The game revolves around the idea of sci-fi space shooting. You are given the responsibility to handle a space ship equipped with armory and two weapons at a given time. Besides the regular war fights, you also have the chance to fight the bosses. These boss fights can get very intense, so brace yourselves. Running on the unreal engine, the graphics and physics are amazing making this game playable on iPhone 5S or later devices.