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herobrine-deadTo get an idea of the popularity of the game Minecraft, just popping the word alone into Google’s Keyword Planner shows that it receives approximately 5 million searches per month. That’s not even counting all of the more specific Minecraft-related terms regarding maps, hacks, skin editors and crafting guides that show players how to mine for precious metals and look good while doing so.

The love of all things “mine-y” even extends to fan fiction, what with Minecraft novels like “Herobrine Battles Steve and the Pink Sheep” selling on Amazon’s Kindle Store. Plus, due to the nature of the way the game is structured, more than 33,000 searches per month come into Google from people seeking to discover how to make their own Minecraft servers.

Why do folks want to make their own Minecraft servers?

I need only to ask the Minecraft fiends in my own home to learn why there’s such a big interest in Minecraft severs. With your own, other people can play on your individual server that you host. Also, new Minecraft mini-games can be created and built. Because people code their own Minecraft games and seek out their own private servers, the technology queries extend to certain more detailed questions, such as running Minecraft servers on Windows Virtual Private Server hosting and by using other packages.

First things first, it helps to reference popular ways to make your own personal Minecraft server to determine the best route of approach.

Secondly, if you do decide on running your Minecraft server on VPS, ensure that you select the correct hosting company that has the optimal package for your server, due to the fact that Minecraft can take up quite a bit of memory based on how the server is set up.

Of course, most people searching for private servers are looking for those offering cheap windows VPS – because they are interested in staying within a reasonable budget. A decent budget for a server than can handle approximately half a dozen players runs anywhere from $10 to $20 per month, based on the hosting company.

More Minecraft madness

Besides playing Minecraft online, making servers or learning new commands that help players uncover wondrous things and make amazing structures that turn up in viral Minecraft YouTube videos, other unexpected search terms arrive in Google’s search engine from the game’s fans.

Those include wild and crazy information sought about zombies, mobs and the best Minecraft seeds to grow a plethora of items. If anything, the long list of terms being typed into Google each and every day prove that gamers who love it want to play it free – either on the web or using the PC download version – and most of all, they want to find cool and fun servers as new worlds to enter.

It’s the flexibility of the game that has made Minecraft a success – allowing users to get as detailed as their imaginations will let them when building fresh environments, and the love for the game shows no signs of slowing down.