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At one point in most every gamer’s life they think “Hey, why don’t I make games?” but then quickly realize that they don’t want to go through the major hassle of learning how to do the grunt work of game designing and instead pursue other careers. Most will never become real game designers, but can instead find solace in the world of sandbox games.

These games with their intricate systems and open world-level design offer players the chance to build their own world from scratch; a game within a game. Players can create anything from dense forests to towering sky scrapers if they so choose. The sense of accomplishment you can get from starting from scratch and building something truly impressive is a nearly unparalleled in the gaming world. Games that incorporate technology like this are fairly common, but only here recently. Before the expansion of online gaming, these features held no point. Why make something awesome when you can’t show anyone? Now, with sharing and inter-connectivity so commonplace, a player can showcase and awesome map with a few click of a button!

When one talking about a creative sandbox game people usually imagine one thing: Minecraft! Yes, the open world pixelated game has pretty much held the crown for sandbox games since it’s inception. Minecraft gives you the option to make almost anything you can think of with its wide variety of items, intricate circuitry system and open world. Just when you feel like you’re limited by what you have Minecraft releases a texture pack and gives you a bunch of new stuff to play around with! Now, just because Minecraft is so friggen awesome does not mean it’s your only option, only the best. Far Cry 3 implores an EXCELLENT sandbox mechanism and also houses a mission creator. Combine mission and map design and you have the ability to practically create a new game! If you have not, and are interested in creating things, I suggest you play either of these games

Now, if you already have all of this down and mastered, well aren’t you special? Actually, yeah, you are, but by no means is that all there is to offer. The upcoming game “Project Spark” for the Xbox One is literally ONLY a Sandbox Game. You can create anything you can think of, and even assign the behavior for NPC’s. This lets you completely create your own game from scratch and do, literally, anything common sense tells you that you can. I honestly cannot wait for this game to come out and see some of the awesome things that comes out.

Got any Minecraft secrets? Love Sandbox games? Excited for Project Spark? Let me know, I’d love to hear about it! From all of us here at First Tier Gaming, game on my friends!