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examiner-venture-beat-size-cashBack on June 23, 2014, I examined the real-life income reports of actual independent app game developers – and it was a great experiment because I learned that for every excited person posting fabulous app earnings reports of $20,000 per month or more, there exist other “apptrepreneurs” or “appreneurs” who are still plugging away, barely making several hundred dollars per month from their apps.

It felt like time for another update to determine the status of the app earnings of various authentic game developers in August 2014, so this tech journalist set about employing her usual tricks – namely, placing exact-match terms with quotes such as “my app earnings” and “my app income” in Google’s search box – to reveal more recent earnings articles.

Gabriel Machuret and his $6,219 month using app store optimization

It took quite a bit of time to discover what types of app are bringing Gabriel Machuret his profitable app income numbers that have brought him $6,219 – at least for January 2014 – and the journey into researching his tactics were quite valuable. While Machuret isn’t forthcoming, understandably, about the names of his apps, he does let his readers know that he purchases his apps from Chupamobile and that they are games that reside mostly in the board, education and word arena. (It’s worth it to note that Chupamobile recently closed a $1.3 million round of funding.)

The key to Machuret’s success seems to boil down to the fact that he focuses on buying lots of game app source codes at a low cost, having them re-skinned by his team, and flooding the app store market with a plethora of games. It makes sense, because having a huge supply of gaming apps for users to pick from helps developers have many dogs in the estimated $25 billion app gaming industry.

Bruno Silas: The casino game app king whose apps make ~$300 per day

Next up is Bruno Silas, who hails from Brazil, the owner of BS9 Apps. His re-skinned casino game apps are apparently begotten with a little or lot of help from his Elance-hired freelancers – and that method is working to bring him approximately $300 USD per day. The Apptopia App Marketplace reports several sales of Silas’ app portfolios, with an October 16, 2013, sale of an “awesome portfolio” of apps being sold for $9,250.

Shane Kittelson’s nearly 50 bucks worth of app earnings

To balance out the high income app numbers, I like to always include income reports on the lower end in terms of earnings – but still just as valuable in light of the information provided. That’s why Shane Kittelson’s April 2014 gross total earnings of $44.67 are intriguing, along with the re-skinning process of Shane’s “Bird in Hell: Wings of the Damned” game.

So there you go.

These fascinating new ways of using advanced technology to create entire cottage industries that are minting new millionaires (or “hundred-naires”) in ways similar to the manner in which systems that provide restaurant POS point-of-sales techniques make eateries as efficient at the checkout process in your local Apple Store prove that the Information Age could turn into a modern-day golden Gilded Age like never seen before — and all because of simple little app games we play on our phones or tablets or PCs.