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star21There’s a big reason that the fitness band called Star.21 by Oaxis has raised approximately $71,637.99 – or 440,896 Chinese Yuan – as of this writing in crowdfunding. Unlike others of its ilk, this fitness band turns calorie-burning into a fun game, and I love the fact that its name is based on the theory that it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

While the Star.21 is so much more than the type of other bands on the market that merely track calories burned and steps taken, fitness freaks like me can’t help but be enamored by the way it encourages users to kill those couch potato habits as if killing enemies in a Grand Theft Auto V campaign.

Talk about your perfect marriage between the kinds of video game milestones that we’re already accustomed to and the insatiable quest to burn off the Chipotle we love chowing down upon: It makes sense that the team of developers that was smart enough to combine the two desires and slap them into a neat little fitness band would reap the rewards of such an undertaking.

How this star device from Oaxis blew past its Pozible funding target

There’s a really cute YouTube video on the Star.21 crowd-funding page that perhaps is attributable to the project’s success. The main character in that video is a guy named “Joe,” a sluggish man who uses the device to thrust himself out of a rut and into one that includes increased amounts of walking as part of his fitness routine – a change that helps him find a fit, hot girlfriend, at that.

The fact that the Pozible site is a 4-year-old Australian crowd-funding platform that evokes a you-can-do-it, “all things are possible” kind of style surely adds to the mystique that has helped the gamified fitness band go viral. The burgeoning site focuses on innovative products thought up from the minds of entrepreneurs who want to see their visions realized in a big way – especially in light of the emerging technology companies coming on the scene from China that are bringing low-cost products to market with lots of tech-related features that buyers apparently love. Pozible is making a strong foray into the American market in a huge way and is currently helping US firms find the funding they need to make their product concepts a reality.

The difference that is Star.21

One of the many unique design details found in Star.21 is that it ramps up the milestones over the initial 21 days and beyond, and helps users track their progress just like a game would: either with rah-rah bonus points or “epic fail” digressions. Many features turn the whole fitness band market on its head, what with the way the band displays time and other increments in a visual manner to help the wearer realize how much progress they’ve made or how many goals they have left to complete.

The more visually-oriented members of society will no doubt find these graphic features attractive – but numbers-focused fellows and gadget-loving girls needn’t worry. There are plenty of enumerated items all throughout the interface to keep you focused on your journey until the healthy habits are solidified.