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The cloud has caught up with on-premises, and is even pulling ahead. Companies that have felt locked in to on-premises solutions now have the security, power, and scale they’ve been waiting for. And Microsoft Azure is there to offer ways to both scale up and scale out infrastructure, help companies meet more complex needs and manage ambiguity, solve the most complex and innovative workloads, amp up security, and offer the power of what is becoming the world’s largest supercomputer.

What opportunities are waiting for you? Learn more at this year’s spring NVIDIA GTC conference, taking place virtually from March 21 – 24. Tech leaders from Microsoft are offering twenty-one different sessions spanning eleven topics focused on eight key industry verticals. Headlining Microsoft’s presence at GTC will be two executive keynote presentations that you won’t want to miss, especially with the chance to win a free NVIDIA Jetson Nano 4GB Developer Kit.

The essential: Two executive keynote sessions

On Tuesday, March 22 at 11:00am PDT, the “Supercomputer Performance, Meet Cloud Versatility” keynote presentation will dive into the convergence of HPC and AI, a revolution that’s bringing dramatic acceleration to every kind of simulation, and advancing fields across science and industry. Azure executives will take attendees through an overview of the Azure HPC + AI and Confidential Computing platforms. You’ll hear about the team’s latest breakthroughs, and get an in-depth look at how these solutions can support your workload acceleration needs, from ML model training & inferencing to the extraction of deep insights that could completely change the game for your business.

Available to view on-demand, the “Unlocking new possibilities for privacy-preserving data analytics with Azure Confidential Computing” presentation will discuss the game-changing technology that is quickly positioning  Azure as the most secure cloud on the market.

In this talk, Microsoft Azure CTO and Technical Fellow Mark Russinovich and NVIDIA VP & GM of Accelerated Computing Ian Buck will break down how integrating the latest in GPU technology with Azure confidential computing is helping customers process big data workloads with intelligent simulation, multi-party analytics, and 3D visualization, all wrapped up with the best data privacy and security available.

The Microsoft session roster

Here’s a rundown of some more Microsoft session highlights you can expect for GTC this year:

  • Want to get ahead of the curve on the latest in autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems? “Accelerate Autonomous Vehicle Development with NVIDIA DRIVE on Microsoft Azure” will demonstrate the NVIDIA DRIVE platform, which offers end-to-end AV development solutions, how it’s accelerated and operationalized by Microsoft Azure’s hyperscale machine learning training and software validation cloud services, on agile and up-to-date infrastructure, and more.
  • Interested in computing on the edge and achieving data processing without the latency?  “Accelerated Compute on All of Your PCs with Azure IoT Edge for Linux on Windows” will help you learn step-by-step how to deploy Linux AI Vision on Edge solutions to all your enterprise-grade Windows devices, and how Azure IoT Edge for Linux on Windows (EFLOW) applies the power of NVIDIA’s GPUs to power your most important AI edge workloads.
  • And in the “Transforming AI and ML at the Edge with Microsoft and NVIDIA” session, you will find out how the companies are leveraging the power of the GPU at the edge, combined with Azure AI services, to accelerate edge AI, plus a glimpse of what’s to come next with edge AI and internet-of-things innovation from Microsoft, and more.
  • Are you thinking about how to train your AI models faster, cheaper, and more securely? And want to get started with Azure in a few simple, quick steps? “Advancing AI trustworthiness with Azure Confidential GPUs” takes you through how confidential GPUs offer high efficiency and confidentiality for heavy computations and faster training for your AI models in parallel.
  • Then you’ll learn how to slash the cost of your AI initiative in the session “Train and Deploy a Kaggle-winning Transformer Model for Less Than $50 with PyTorch on Azure.” Learn how the Kaggle-winning model that previously cost tens of thousands of dollars was deployed fast for just 50 bucks, go step-by-step through getting a PyTorch transformer model from your local machine into the cloud, and find out more about PyTorch optimizations available in Azure for training and inference such as ONNX Runtime.
  • Check out Azure’s three new GPU virtual machines during the talk “Azure AI Supercomputing VMs: AI at Any Scale. It’s the first public look at these VMs, how they provide more options for visualization, inference, and deep learning workloads, and more.
  • In “Bringing DevOps Principles to the ML Workflow to Facilitate Bringing ML to Production” You’ll learn about using a CI approach to the data science workflow, how to automate the training, testing, and deployment process, and more.
  • Using NVIDIA GPU-accelerated Spark with Rapids on Azure Synapse” is a demonstration of the NVIDIA GPU-accelerated Synapse pools, with code samples and test results demonstrating usage of NVIDIA Rapids on the Microsoft Synapse platform, plus a look at how NVIDIA and Microsoft plant to extend Synapse Analytics with the latest Rapids functionality.
  • And then on [date], you can learn how Microsoft and NVIDIA are working to unlock the potential of MoE models for production scenarios, with state-of-the-art results on various natural language processing tasks in “Large Models are not Always Expensive: Large Scale Mixture of Expert.”

And there’s more: Register now for the spring NVIDIA GTC to find out how cloud is driving transformation in your industry. You’ll get a look at the GPU partitioning collaboration between NVIDIA and Microsoft, discover the technological advancements and groundbreaking research that are changing how companies can apply cloud innovation to their business, get a chance to win an NVIDIA Jetson Nano, and more.

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