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We’re on the verge of a third transportation revolution. Evidence? The Feds just released the first guidelines for autonomous driving, and capital investments in transportation innovations accumulate to over a trillion dollars yearly. At all levels, there is a crucial need for innovations, related to fuel efficiency, new materials, environmental concerns, and energy management to name a few.

This fall, Hacker Unit is launching a new season of its remote accelerator program to challenge, promote, and guide startups who are innovating in this space.

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In an effort to surface relevant players, Hacker Unit targeted mentors from the following burgeoning companies. They’ve joined the remote accelerator in its efforts to reveal and nurture the next revolutionary idea. Here are six of them:



The first operations management solution for commercial drone businesses

Skyward is where aviation and computer science meets. Its solution is a cloud-based drone management platform that gives businesses from startups to enterprises the tools they need to access the sky. Features include an airspace map, flight planning and logging tools, fleet and personnel management, and a digital system of record. The team at Skyward works to carry forward standards from manned aviation to this new era of drone aviation. As we’re all getting excited to see increased capabilities and new business applications emerge, we can appreciate that Skyward ensures operations are safe, compliant and accessible.



RADINN.Radical innovation applied to extreme sports, starting with an electric wakeboard

Ever dreamt of skateboarding across the water, without a boat pulling you? It’s possible! And the best part is that noise from the engine and environmental impact are limited. Radinn is applying the latest technologies to sport. They added saltwater resistance to the constraint and developed the electric wakeboard as a first product. Hardware combines a lithium-ion battery with a lightweight carbon fiber structure and a saltwater-resistant jet propulsion system. The software layer keeps the rider in charge through a wireless remote control and an iOS app. Radinn worked extra hard in the lab so you can play hard in the water.and get insights from these 6 revolutionizing companies.

Apply to Hacker Unit’s new transportation season and get insights from these 6 revolutionizing companies.



Fostering a shared economy in India with self-driving rental cars

The escalating number of cars on India’s metropolitan roads has become a menace – both to society and the environment. The double-edged sword is that a number of cities also lack reliable urban commuting solutions. It’s here that JustRide steps in with its mission to transform the way cars are purchased, rented and sold. They provide a car rental service for self-drive by the hour, day or week, and can even deliver the vehicle right to your doorstep. In addition, users can say goodbye to expensive maintenance and fuel costs. JustRide is working towards a future where owning a vehicle is but a distant memory.




Cybersecurity for the connected car

Concerns over the cybersecurity of connected vehicles were sparked in 2015 after researchers demonstrated a Jeep Cherokee could be hacked and controlled remotely. TowerSec solutions are unique in that the software can be retrofitted into vehicles already in production, so OEMs don’t need to plan years in advance to provide cyber-security for cars. HARMAN, which recently acquired TowerSec, explained that their interest in the company stemmed from their need to address concerns surrounding the security of critical parts in the connected car, such as the network, hardware, and wireless updates to the vehicle’s systems carried out Over The Air (OTA).




The world’s most compact folding e-vehicle for the urban population

Emerging global transportation issues – thanks to a hefty urban population – are real. Enter Urb-e, which was conceived to meet the street-cruising needs of the individual, as well as urban planning parameters. In short, it’s an electric scooter that charges in your average wall outlet. It boasts a low center of gravity and responsive brakes, so it’s easy to control, plus carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum parts mean it’s super-portable and will last the long run. No more parking tickets or uninspiring commutes for you!


Peloton Technology


Connected and automated vehicle technology

Peloton is applying connected and automated vehicle technologies to improve the safety, efficiency and productivity of transportation. The company’s flagship driver-assistive truck platooning system will roll out to commercial fleets in the $700 billion US trucking industry in 2017. The technology links active safety systems between pairs of tractor-trailers, enabling the trucks to travel safely in an aerodynamic alignment that lowers fuel use by an average of 7%. Drivers retain steering control at all times. The company has also developed a cloud-based Network Operations Center (NOC) that delivers rich data to fleets and provides continuous safety supervision of Peloton’s own automated vehicle systems, beginning with platooning, as well as systems supplied by Peloton partners. Peloton’s technologies are designed for interoperability across vehicle OEMs and foundational active safety systems.

The next generation of transportation technologies is coming. Are you a startup in this space? Join our upcoming season of the Hacker Unit 3-month remote accelerator program and get insights from these best-of-class mentors. You have until October 3rd to apply.

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