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VCs are making it rain on marketing tech. With nearly another $4 billion quarter in the books for marketing tech funding, some notable trends continue to emerge as money continues its massive shift toward CMOs.

Attribution and performance measurement, along with automation, continue to be major investment trends for VCs and SaaS startups. Automating repetitive marketing tasks — spanning customer engagement and, increasingly, data analysis — is easily the most rapidly growing sector in the marketing tech landscape, for instance.

Sales enablement technology and the rapid development of the sales tech landscape is another emerging theme for Q3.

We’ll be discussing these trends, and most importantly what they mean for investors, buyers, and entrepreneurs.

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What you’ll learn:

  • Which types of companies are gaining funding, and where in the marketing tech universe they fit
  • Where we’re seeing the biggest areas of consolidation
  • A look at the most active Venture Capitalists in marketing tech
  • Implications for investors, vendors, and most importantly marketing technology end users (buyers)
  • What entrepreneurs need to do to get noticed by top Venture Capital firms


Jon Cifuentes Industry Analyst, VentureBeat Insight

Ravi Belani Managing Partner at Alchemist Accelerator, Faculty at Stanford University

Jason Denenberg Director of Entrepreneurship, LaunchTN

Blake Patton, Managing Partner, Tech Square Ventures

Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

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