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If Shakespeare were alive in 2013 and worked in the Silicon Valley, he’d probably be wondering, “What’s in a domain name?” After the dot-com boom in the late ’90s, good .com real estate is getting increasingly difficult to find. Luckily, there are great alternatives for businesses and individuals alike – and few give such incredible opportunities for domain hacks, wordplay and branding in the URL as .ME.

Since 2008, Montenegro’s national Internet extension, .ME, has been taking the domain world by storm. Named fastest growing European ccTLD in a 2012 report, .ME has become increasingly popular with companies such as Facebook (, WordPress (, Visa ( and Time Inc. ( and for personal blogs alike.

However, it’s the startups that push the envelope on creative domain name use and understand ways to stand out from the competition – starting with the URL. Ranging from, a mobile rewards and advertising company that raised over $15.3 million funding to date, to, a 2013 TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield finalist, these young entrepreneurs are putting the “me” in “memorable.”

“Thanks to our .ME domain, Connect.Me has the most memorable name of online reputation and relationship management service. We wouldn’t trade it for anything, ” said Drummond Reed, the cofounder of, a service that helps build social reputation and connect users to trusted people.

Oleg Kostour, CEO of, an app that improves the way couples interact, confirms that there is no better acknowledgement of success than a testimony of the satisfied client. “Our .ME domain gave Couple an awesome URL to call home, “ he said. “It’s catchy, memorable, and contextual.”

The .ME Registry, the operator of the .ME domain, best understands this power behind a good domain name. Natasa Djukanovic, the sales and marketing director for .ME, explained, “The strongest domain names tend to be short, memorable and catchy. They work like a song that you can’t get out of your head, always hovering at the back of your mind.”

With this in mind, the .ME team launched the Premium Domain Program in May to help match companies, startups and entrepreneurs with the very best premium .me domain names. Five previously unavailable premium domains Around.ME, Hire.ME, Fund.ME, Find.ME and For.ME will be available from May 10 through June 15.

These domain names are perfect online address for any company that wishes to brand themselves as unique and personal or launch a new product using an exclusive name. All businesses, large or small, existing or startup, are eligible to apply. The applicants will be judged on quality of service, references, and their business proposal, and as Djukanovic stressed, “We are not interested in selling our premium names to the highest bidder. This program benefits startups and companies who need a great domain name and aims to bring great content to our best .ME domains.”

Please visit for more information about Around.ME, Hire.ME, Fund.ME, Find.ME and For.ME and the Premium Domains Program application process.