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TiEcon — the annual tech entrepreneurship conference created by not-for-profit TiE Silicon Valley — is approaching on May 5th & 6th. Its goal is to serve as a two-day manifestation of TiE’s mission since 1992: to foster entrepreneurship.

The event has attracted 4,600+ attendees from over 20 countries in recent years, and brings entrepreneurs, investors, C-level executives, government representatives, and other key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem under one roof.

The tangible benefits stemming from the event are significant, and many previous TiEcon attendees have left TiEcon realizing critical value for their companies.

“In 2014, when we won the TiE50 [at TiEcon], it was an event that catapulted us forward,” said Loretta Mayer, CEO of SenesTech. “When we were at TiEcon, we had a great idea. That was in 2014. We had some very promising data. [Then] in 2015 we filed for an EPA registration. In 2016, we received that registration, and at the end of 2016 our company went public and now we are marketing our technology around the world.”


Other entrepreneurs have echoed those sentiments.

“We were lucky enough to win the TiEcon Startup Challenge,” said Jeremy Almond, CEO of Paystand. “From there we met customers, we met employees, and our business has continued to thrive since then.”

This year, the conference is focusing particular attention on trending technologies and cutting-edge areas of innovation — including drones, autonomous vehicles, machine learning and VR —  while still including important tracks on areas that remain essential — such as  security, digital health, fintech, and more. The guiding principle is to cover all areas that will benefit startups on their path to success.

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Here’s what you can expect to see this year at TiEcon:

TiE50 Awards

Watch startups compete for the title at the coveted annual competition.

Startup Expo

Is your product something potential customers, employees and investors need to see to believe? This is an opportunity to showcase or demo your product, and the Startup Expo floor is where much of the TiEcon action happens!

Words of Wisdom Mentoring Sessions

Whether you have questions related to business models, go-to-market strategy, market segment focus, or another area of business building, all TiEcon attendees may register for this session.

Startup Bootcamp

This Bootcamp the day before TiEcon helps tech startups position themselves well to make the most out of TiEcon and have their pitch and angle refined before meeting with potential collaborators during the conference.

And as for the content sessions, we will explore areas below with keynotes as well as the following panels:


  • AR/VR 101: Where we’re at and how we’re building the future
  • Enablers: Core tech, platforms and creative drivers
  • AR/VR Investment focus and future opportunities

Autonomous Vehicles

  • Self-driving status check: The technology curve and key factors on autonomous hardware and software
  • Now to 2020: The regulatory path and early innovations
  • Competitive landscape: Where are the biggest opportunities?

Digital Health

  • Imagining the future of personalized medicine
  • How entrepreneurs are powering the future of healthcare
  • Healthcare investments: Where will the funds flow in 2017?


  • Democratization of drones
  • Drone regulations: How soon can we fly?
  • From drone delivery to flying drone taxis: An investor perspective


  • Mistakes to avoid as a first-time entrepreneur
  • Funding and business plan considerations: What works and what doesn’t
  • Good to great: Good VC + good entrepreneur = great company


  • The future of crypto and blockchain
  • Upcoming trends in financial services
  • Security and fraud


  • Business models for gaming companies
  • Gaming tech tools and trends
  • The future of gaming: An investor panel


  • An insider’s view of govtech: Opportunities and challenges
  • Pursuing a $400B market: Accelerators and investors
  • Govtech is global: International perspectives


  • How IoT is transforming the way we work — Spotlight on Industrial IoT
  • Opportunities and challenges for startups in IoT
  • Where are VCs investing?

Machine Learning

  • Why AI and ML are eating the world
  • The future of AI: Opportunities and challenges
  • Venture panel


  • Martech at the core of the digital marketing transformation
  • 7 use cases of AI and machine learning in marketing
  • Lessons learned from martech/adtech investments and ventures


  • Unmet challenges in the enterprise security space
  • Mitigating hyper-growth in security attack surface with minimal financial spend
  • End-point security: Challenges and solutions

Social Impact

  • Changing the game as an individual
  • Changing the game as a company
  • Innovative business models that change the game

Software-defined infra

  • Software-defined infrastructure expands beyond the data center
  • New deployment models: containers, microservices and serverless architectures
  • Investor interest in SDI


  • Innovation: Ideas to solutions
  • Making the world a better place
  • Youth & leadership

For any entrepreneur — but particularly, those in the areas TiEcon is centering on this year — we encourage you to attend to bring your business to the next level.

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