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Blockchain marketplace for gamers, GamerToken, has just announced that they will be partnering with Tempo Storm, a leading international eSports team. This partnership follows the founder of Tempo Storm, Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk, joining the GamerToken advisory board early last month. Related to this, signature skins from Tempo Storm will be implemented into the GamerToken Fiesta MMO Blockchain Beta to begin with, with the skins coming to future GamerToken partner games soon.

Tempo Storm is one of North America’s leading eSports teams, winning championships in the likes of Fortnite, World of Warcraft, CS:GO, and PUBG.

Professionalization through blockchain

Esports is big business, with the global industry worth around a billion dollars annually, a figure destined to rise significantly over the next few years. However, there are serious frictions in this space that make it ripe for collaboration with blockchain platforms.

Groups like Tempo Storm inspire huge followings, and not only do they compete, they act as major media companies themselves; designing digital products, holding events, and hosting a community.

But the nature of online digital goods is that they are easy to counterfeit and steal, and defraud buyers and sellers with, yet difficult to transact freely across geographic regions. This is just as true for gaming as it is for digital currency or intellectual property.

Applying this issue to gaming

Blockchain platforms like GamerToken specialize in increasing trust and transactability of digital property. So a partnership with a major operator in the esports industry is a no-brainer. GamerToken’s aim is to unify the gaming ecosystem and create an improved layer of trust for all participants. Gamers will gain the ability to earn tokens through in-game rewards and from selling and designing unique digital assets on the marketplace. Developers and publishers will be able to enhance their digital economy, generate new streams of revenue, and crowdsource game content from the community. Thanks to its basis in blockchain, transparency and security are fundamental parts of the GamerToken ecosystem.

So, if esports are becoming major pursuits like the biggest worldwide sports, then GamerToken are the ones making the Superbowl rings, collectible jerseys, and World Championship trophies for this sport; all on the blockchain. In this context, partnering with Tempo Storm is a natural progression for GamerToken.

“With GamerToken, the esports genre is taking the next step towards other professional leagues, in which collecting or trading memorabilia items like basketball jerseys with fellow fans is already commonplace,” says Andrey Yanyuk, CEO of Tempo Storm.

Steps forward

GamerToken plans its token generation event in collaboration with Token Foundry later this quarter. Tempo Storm has also designed a deck building game called The Bazaar which will be integrated with the GamerToken marketplace.

Yanyuk said of the game: “The Bazaar is set in an intergalactic marketplace where a bunch of different cultures, species, and people are coming together to trade and barter.” The game will feature unique items stored on the blockchain and tradable on the marketplace.

Plans are also in place with Tempo Storm to release the team’s signature skins on the beta version of the Fiesta MMO Blockchain Beta.

Jens Knauber is CEO of GamerToken and an experienced manager in the gaming industry for over 12 years with extended knowledge of product development and creating in-game economies. And of course, a passionate gamer.

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