Just as the GUI revolutionized the way we interacted with computers and changed the dynamics of who could be a user of computers, the low-code/ no-code revolution is slowly but surely changing the dynamics of the way we write computer programs and who could be a developer of computer programs. It is allowing all users from various functions within an enterprise such as business, operations, finance, marketing et al to create and test their own applications without the need to know computer programming thereby empowering enterprise agility. It is enabling exponentially quicker turnaround times in the development of software applications and accelerating business outcomes. While there are multiple applications of this technology, we will focus on applications in an organization’s data journey and ones that empower their AI & ML initiatives.

The Low-Code/No-Code Summit aims to showcase how leaders in the movement are:

  • Democratizing Development and helping companies tackle their rising digital needs with speed and agility.
  • Creating the Emerging Low-Code Enterprise and eliminating the need for code with visual drag-and-drop interfaces that prioritize collaboration and productivity.
  • Accelerating Digital Transformation with low-code solutions that help teams build new digital ecosystems.
  • Supporting the Rise of Citizen Developers and bringing non-traditional employees into the IT process with cross-functional collaboration.

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