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It’s time to fulfill your WWE dream.

WWE 2K15 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One includes a MyCareer mode. This enables you to create a wrestler, start at the very bottom of WWE world, and eventually work your way up to legendary status.

However, your superstar starts off pretty weak. That’s why we put together this guide. It should help make your wrestler an unstoppable force in the digital WWE landscape.

Picking your moves

You can customize your entire move-set in MyCareer menu. A lot of it doesn’t matter too much and simply comes down to preferences, but take care when you’re picking your Signature and Finisher moves. You get access to your Signature move after you fill up your Momentum meter. It’s a strong attack, but hitting it also gives you the ability to hit a Finisher. Finishers are the strongest moves, and you can often win a match by pinning your opponent right after you hit him with one.


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Try to pick Signatures and Finishers that are relatively easy to perform. Sure, it might look cool to powerbomb your opponent off the turnbuckle, but that takes a lot more effort to set up then a simple DDT in the middle of the ring. Basically, pick moves that don’t require you to position your opponent. That often means that you have to Irish Whip them, which gives them another chance to counter you.

Try to pick a Signature move that’s also a running attack, like a clothesline. These are easy and quick to perform, and they leave your opponent on the ground. Then, pick a Finisher that you can do simply by standing in front of your opponent. You can also do these to a grounded opponent by pushing the Finisher button after you hit them with the Signature move. You then automatically hit them with the move once they stand up. It’s an easy, devastating combo that leads to a lot of victories.


Above: Your character probably won’t look exactly like Dean Ambrose. Use your imagination.

Image Credit: 2K

What attributes to boost

After you make your character, you can increase their individual stats by spending SP. These impact your strength, speed, and proficiency with certain types of moves. You only have a certain amount of points to spend boosting these up at the beginning, so it’s important to prioritize.

These are the most important:

  • Momentum: This makes it easier to fill your Momentum meter, which leads to your Signature move. Hitting a Signature move then gives you a Finisher. Those are two strong attacks, and you’ll win most of your matches after hitting a Finisher. Try to bump this stat up early so that you’ll get your special moves faster.
  • Strike and Grapple Counters: Counters can be pretty difficult, so boost these two stats to make it a bit easier. If you can’t counter, your opponent can just keep you grounded and hit you with move after move. It’s frustrating, but it also means you’ll never have a chance to fight back.
  • Offensive attributes: Arm and Leg Offense increase the damage you do with strikes, so it helps with punches, kicks, leg drops, stomps, and other moves like those. Grapple Offense is also important, since those moves will make up at least half of your offense. Running Offense increases the strength of moves you perform while sprinting. These attacks are quick and powerful, and they leave your opponent on the ground. They’re a great way to turn a match around or to quickly give you some breathing time, so put some points in this one, too.
  • Durability: This increases your defense to specific body parts. Focus first on Body and then Head. These two areas will take the most damage during a match.
  • Stamina: With less Stamina, you’ll move slower. If you’re really low, you won’t be able to perform certain moves or counter. Make sure that doesn’t happen by putting a few points into this attribute.
Goldust is looking good.

Above: Goldust is looking good.

Image Credit: 2K

Attributes to mostly ignore

Of course, there are also some attributes that won’t help you much. Of course, they all have their purpose, but here are the ones you can ignore until you get more important stats boosted:

  • Niche offensive attributes: Foreign Object Offense increases the damage you do with weapons. Since you can only use weapons in specific kinds of matches (which you’ll rarely play), don’t worry too much about this one. Same with Environmental Damage. Sure, you can legally throw your opponent into the turnbuckle during any match, but you’ll be better off spending those points on more common offensives moves like strikes and grapples.
  • Leg and Arm Durability: Few moves focus on these body parts, so you’ll be alright if you ignore them for a while. You can boost them up a bit once you’re comfortable with your other stats.
  • Chain Wrestling: This is a sort of rock-paper-scissors minigame that can happen in the beginning of a match if the wrestlers grapple each other. Still, it only happens once (maybe twice, rarely) in a match, and you can do well in them even without boosting the attribute.

Otherwise, boosting other attributes comes down to the way you want to play. If you have a fast character who uses a lot of top turnbuckle moves, increase your Aerial and Agility stats. You’ll earn more points to increase attributes as you play matches, so you’ll be able to increase a lot of them throughout your career.

You can also use SP to buy Abilities that do things like escape from the ring while you’re on the ground. Some of these are useful, but they’re expensive. Focus first on increasing your Attributes.