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Welcome to GamesBeat’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Unlock Guide. This guide shows you when and what you can unlock during your multiplayer career. Most standard weapons are in this guide, since they’re pretty straightforward, but all Scorestreaks, Perks, and Wildcards are here. If you find any information is missing or incorrect, please let us know in the comments.

Note that Black Ops II uses a new token system. Every unlockable in the game requires a token, and you gain one token each time you level up. It has far more unlockables than tokens by the time you reach level 55, so you’ll need to Prestige (up to a maximum of 10 times) if you want to collect everything.


Killstreaks and Modern Warfare 3’s support-streak system have been replaced by Scorestreaks in Black Ops II. Scorestreak rewards activate once you meet a set score, be it by killing enemies, assisting allies, or completing objectives. If you die, the Scorestreak resets.


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The list below details what each Scorestreak does, at what level you can unlock it, and how much score you need to claim the reward. This video shows you every single Scorestreak in action:


NAME: Level unlocked (Score requirement)

UAV: 7 (350)
Shows enemies on the minimap.

Hunter Killer: 7 (525)
Infantry deployed drone that seeks out an enemy target or vehicle.

Care Package: 7 (550)
Airdrop a random Scorestreak.

Lightning Strike: 7 (750)
Launch a coordinated Lightning Strike on three locations.

Counter-UAV: 33 (600)
Temporarily disables enemy minimap.

Guardian: 15 (650)
A placeable dish that projects a cone of microwave radiation that stuns and impairs enemies.

Hellstorm Missile: 24 (700)
Remote controlled Hellstorm Missile with a cluster bomb payload.

Sentry Gun: 9 (800)
Deploy an automated Sentry Gun. Can be remote-controlled.

Death Machine: 36 (850)
Your own personal handheld Minigun.

War Machine: 45 (900)
Grenade launcher with rapid semi-automatic firing.

Dragonfire: 7 (975)
Remote controlled quad rotor with a lightweight machine gun.

A.G.R.: 27 (1,000)
Airdrop an Autonomous Ground Robot that patrols for enemies. Can be remote controlled.

Stealth Chopper: 21 (1,100)
Call in a Stealth Helicopter that does not appear on the enemy’s minimap.

Orbital VSAT: 42 (1,200)
Shows both enemy position and direction on the minimap. Cannot be shot down.

Escort Drone: 48 (1,250)
Get personal air support from an Escort Drone.

EMP Systems: 39 (1,300)
Temporarily disable enemy electronics.

Warthog: 30 (1,400)
Jet aircraft that provides close air support (CAS) via several strafe runs.

Lodestar: 12 (1,500)
Lase missile targets remotely from the Lodestar.

VTOL Warship: 7 (1,600)
Be the gunner of a powerful VTOL Warship.

K9 Unit: 51 (1,700)
Attack Dogs that hunt down the enemy.

Swarm: 54 (1,900)
Call in a swarm of lethal Hunter Killer drones.

Weapons of interest

Looking for that special item or weapon? Here’s a quick list of some of the more iconic and/or notorious Call of Duty equipment and when you can get your hands on them:

  • Assault Shield: 34 (Special)
  • RPG: 40 (Secondary)
  • Crossbow: 25 (Secondary)
  • Ballistic Knife: 49 (Secondary)
  • Combat Axe: 17 (Lethals)
  • C4: 41 (Lethals)
  • Claymore: 53 (Lethals)
  • Trophy System: 35 (Tacticals)
  • Tactical Insertion: 47 (Tacticals)


The three tiers of perks are back, and more or less how you remember them. However, you can no longer take a perk to the Pro level and improve its functionality. Some perks are stuck at their basic level, and some perks have automatically been upgraded to their best version (as seen in previous Call of Duty games) for Black Ops II.


Lightweight: Unlocked at level 4
Move faster and take no fall damage.

Hardline: 4
Earn Scorestreaks faster.

Blind Eye: 6
Undetectable by A.I. controlled air support.

Flak Jacket: 32
Reduce damage taken from explosions.

Ghost: 55


Toughness: 4
Flinch less when shot.

Cold Blooded: 4
Resistant to targeting systems including: Dual Band, Target Finder, Sensor Grenade, MMS, and player controlled aircraft. No name or red crosshair when targeted by enemies.

Fast Hands: 8
Reload faster.

Hard Wired: 26

Scavenger: 44
Collect ammo from dead bodies.


Dexterity: 4
Aim faster after sprinting. Mantle and climb faster.

Extreme Conditioning: 4
Sprint for a longer duration.

Engineer: 14

Tactical Mask: 20

Dead Silence: 38
Your footsteps make no noise.

Awareness: 50


The new Wildcard system allows you to modify your custom classes with some pretty powerful enhancements. You can have a total of three, but each one uses up an inventory slot, plus a token to unlock. I think it’s worth it.

Perk 1 Greed: Unlocked at level 4
Take a second Perk 1.

Perk 2 Greed: 10
Take a second Perk 2.

Perk 3 Greed: 13
Take a second Perk 3.

Overkill: 16
Carry two primary weapons.

Secondary Gunfighter: 19
Use an additional secondary weapon attachment.

Primary Gunfighter: 22
Use an additional primary weapon attachment.

Tactician: 25

Danger Close: 28

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