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You have years to bring your game from vision to reality.

And just 30 days to make it a success.

Successful games see higher revenue through add-ons and downloadable content. They help you secure funding and resources for your next big idea. But a staggering 95 percent of players leave a game within its first 30 days.

Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to convert as many players as you can before they’re gone for good.

Let me lay out some conversion-killing risks to beware of in your game’s first 30 days:

  • Slow-responding or cluttered marketing: Bad asset setup and execution kills the conversion of fans into players.
  • Inability to manage audiences at scale: First impressions matter, especially among your core fans. Don’t lose their trust before you even gain it.
  • Problems with gameplay: I’m not talking about game mechanics and design decisions. I’m referring to lag and connection speeds, and sudden and frustrating disconnections.
  • Security concerns: Players fearing hacks, DDoS attacks, and phishing are non-starters. Literally.

A strategy to mitigate or manage these risks can change your game’s revenue potential from a Day 1 spike to a long-term legend. It can also boost gamer engagement, leading to increased interest in the titles you have in development.

In short, everybody wins.

With nearly two decades of expertise in accelerating and securing online games, Akamai can help protect your revenue streams well beyond the 30-day window.

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