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Blockchain technology has already influenced all spheres of the online gaming world: it has tokenized virtual assets, improved payment and betting services, as well as achieved numerous breakthroughs for new game types. The blockchain-based gaming industry is still exploding with growth. By creating such liquid ecosystems, gaming companies are much more than just a passing form of entertainment, creating entire mini-economies, as well as rewarding both companies and gamers. Indeed, what once was a just a pastime the blockchain gaming industry has now turned into a viable income creation vehicle.

And the fun does not stop here — the industry also offers numerous benefits for venture capitalist firms and investors. Have you heard of some of these big gaming names? It’s likely you have —  GameCredits, CryptoZombies,and Enjin Coin just to name a few. There have recently appeared some new promising projects, not to mention Clash & GO.

New perspectives for investors

For investors, the benefits are numerous. Here are the key factors that are responsible for catching the eye of investors:

  • There is now substantial interest from gamers in blockchain-based projects. Consider the following: just within the last few years, there have been 50+ ICOs for gaming-focused projects . Plus, the top 10 fundraisers featured over $323 million alone.
  • Encrypted blockchain guarantees safe storage of all in-game digital assets, making data transparent to the core. Just consider the following: a blockchain game means that all of your digital assets are yours forever (supposed digital assets are preserved on the Blockchain and you actually own them) and nobody can take them away from you  —  even the game creators. Unless, of course, you want to sell them!
  • Smart contracts exclude third parties from payment processes, making transactions fast, safe, modern, and reliable.
  • In-game smart investment opportunities are similar to shares: If a certain game developer has a track record of creating awesome blockchain games, players can assume that the characters and assets in that game will appreciate in value over time. And thus, people are likely to buy gameplay assets for the purpose of keeping them long term.

Thus, with gamers looking to tokenize in the future, investors are sensing that there is an opportunity to take advantage of. As a recent article in Forbes notes, “It’s a very exciting time to be an investor and entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Investors should now be preparing themselves for a new wave of unicorns that will be built on top of blockchain technologies.”

But be aware, blockchain-based gaming projects are not everything you should be looking for.

Not all cryptocurrency game ICOs are gold

Given the array of benefits that blockchain-based gaming has to offer, startup founders, investors, and would-be investors want to stake their claim in future blockchain projects. As a result, they are constantly hunting for new innovations that stand out in a relatively crowded market. A gaming ICO is definitely a viable option for entrepreneurs seeking funding, but with a plethora of ICOs out there, choosing the project that has a high chance of success can be a pain.

There are many things to consider when judging which ICO to invest in. For example, the number of successfully-funded ICOs has been in dramatic decline. As to the core reason for that decline, the answer remains unclear. Is it that investors are getting smarter and are now less likely to fund speculative projects or is it that unique projects are becoming harder to create? It seems that both have had an impact.

So, what’s the ideal investment project?

With blockchain, blockchain-based gaming, and new technologies going mainstream, investors are now clamoring for high-potential projects to invest in.

That said, due diligence is required. Here are some things to consider before investing:

  • Conduct an internal audit of the project, check the project’s whitepapers, reviews, opinions, and articles.
  • Look for smart people that disagree with you and stress-test your thoughts with theirs.
  • Avoid stupid extrapolation. As Ari Paul, the famous cryptoexpert and the CIO of BlockTower Capital said, “One of the great investing mistakes is stupid extrapolation. In the 1960s, investors extrapolated that IBM could keep growing at 25 percent+ a year, failing to realize that it would soon be worth more than all human productivity at that rate. Total cryptocurrency value grew roughly 33x in 2017. If that happened again in 2018, we’d up at $20 trillion. Repeat in 2019, and crypto would be worth much more than all the wealth on earth.”

Don’t know which project is worth investing in? An engaging, well-crafted blockchain game, such as Clash & GO, for instance, can become a win-win scenario for all parties involved. Clash & GO’s blockchain is a reliable mechanical engine for the project, while AR is its living, beating heart, making it unique and innovative. Not to mention its unique gaming features.

What is special about Clash & GO?

Blurring the line between reality and virtual worlds, Clash & GO is a blockchain-integrated mobile game that combines several genres —  a geolocation game in AR (augmented reality), and a city-building strategy game with real-time battles. By means of the CGO token, players are encouraged to manipulate the fusion of virtual and real worlds. When playing Clash & GO, the players can gain cryptocurrency and exchange it later for other cryptocurrencies.

As for investors, this game has a great chance at success since it was created by Elyland, an experienced gaming veteran with 10+ years of experience. The company employs 100+ professionals, including best developers, artists, testers, and designers. Just for the record, Elyland boasts six successful gaming products with a huge number of loyal players.

Another noteworthy Clash & GO benefit is that investors can buy tokens during the ICO, buy on the third-party exchanges and buy with in-game currency at the in-game auction. With investment slowing in this area and investors becoming more picky with which projects they support, such a game presents a revolutionary new opportunity to investors. Thanks to the innovative gameplay Clash & GO brings, high security, and the use of blockchain technology, the game opens up new horizons for players, crypto enthusiasts, and the whole industry in general.

Learn more about Clash & GO at its official Clash & Go site.

Julia Morar is Head of PR at Clash & GO. She heads up strategic content and PR development and execution, including building relationships with key media, coordinating interviews and photoshoots, serving as a formal spokesperson, writing speeches, talking points, and more. Moreover, she goes crazy about crypto games, especially Clash & GO.

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