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First it was the Target breach. Then it was heartbleed. Most recently it’s been Ashley Madison. Now more than ever, customers expect brands (and apps) to have best-in-class security features to protect their privacy and have an enjoyable experience. Thought this didn’t apply to your mobile game? Think again.

Here’s the mistake too many make: When they think of online security, they think of desktop PCs being infected with viruses — implying invulnerability to mobile devices. That just isn’t so. Android users were faced with six times as many cyber attacks in 2014 than the previous year.

Apple users aren’t impervious either, as many popular iOS apps were recently affected by a serious cyber attack on Apple’s App store. These news stories don’t just act as a cautionary tale for consumers, but for mobile gaming companies as well.

Why would anyone download an app that’s easily subdued by malware infections, yet alone spend money through in-game purchases? In-game purchases are useless, if users are able to hack the game and manipulate the economic system as they see fit. And there goes your monetization strategy.

The same holds true for apps that diverge from the free-to-play model by offering a traditional price tag for installation, putting them at greater risk if their products end up on torrent sites. And what if copycat apps take your hit game and poorly replicate it with hidden malware — potentially hurting your brand with consumers who didn’t know any better?

Security measures aren’t the only thing companies should prioritize in the mobile market. Making sure your product can handle the onslaught of users it was designed for will determine satisfaction with your customers. You’re not creating a good impression with first-time customers if your servers continuously crash at launch.

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