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Follow all of our PlayStation 4 announcement news.

Sony had trouble keeping many of its secrets in the weeks leading to the PlayStation 4 reveal. Yesterday, the company announced its next-generation video game console at a press conference in New York. Now that it’s official, most of the speculation will end.

How accurate were the rumors? Let’s examine what we know with what the rumors said.


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We will see the console

This wasn’t so much of a rumor as it was an assumption. With a new console announcement comes a new console, or that’s what we thought. Sony isn’t ready to show us the box itself, so the only hardware it showed was the new controller and the PlayStation 4 Eye camera.

Verdict: Wrong

Sony will kill used games

Perhaps one of the biggest rumors surrounding the PS4 was that the system will not play used games. This caused a lot of anger. Basically, a segment of the Internet was upset about a rumor about a rumored machine. Yes, a rumor of a rumor. Sony Worldwide Studios’ president Shuhei Yoshida put this rumbling to an end. The PS4 will allow you to play used games.

Verdict: Wrong.

The PS4 will launch in November

Sony didn’t announce a release date for the PS4 other than “Holiday 2013.” According to rumors, the console is set to launch in November. Unfortunately, it’s not November yet, and Sony didn’t tell us when it will release it. Sony may be ready to share a release date during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June, the game industry trade show in Los Angeles.

Verdict: Uncertain

PlayStation 4 announcement

We won’t hear a price for the PS4

Sony didn’t announce a price. We didn’t expect one. Despite being hopeful, expectations had to be realistic. Sony probably hasn’t decided on a price yet. Maybe the company wants to gauge consumer interest or hopes that Microsoft announces the next Xbox and a price first.

Verdict: Correct

Gaikai’s technology will stream games on the PS4

The Wall Street Journal ran a story claiming that the PS4 will stream games thanks to Gaikai technology. Gaikai CEO Dave Perry announced the streaming service and said that it will stream games instantly. Think Netflix for PlayStation games.

Verdict: Correct