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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City tips, tricks, exploits, collectibles, achievements, DLC, review

Welcome to GamesBeat’s Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City game guide.


  1. Tips & Tricks
  2. Character Abilities
  3. Collectibles
  4. Secret Achievements
  5. Review



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Who is the best character?
While I want to say this boils down to personal preference and playstyle, the Assault class (Lupo and Dee-Ay) are undeniably overpowered. At level three, the Super Soldier ability can nullify five complete attacks (even explosions) and increase your damage output/accuracy by 30% for a short period of time. That’s more than enough to mop the floor with any individual target, but sometimes even allows for the rapid dispatching of multiple enemy players.

It’s also a good way to skip through certain sections in the campaign (if you run to a cutscene trigger while invulnerable, your squad will be teleported to your location), or to get in close for some easy Close Quarter Combat (CQC) kills.

If you want to mix things up, the Assault class also comes with the Guns A’ Blazin’ ability, which allows you to shoot your equipped weapon without fear of expending any ammo. This is especially potent when combined with a grenade launcher. Simply use up all the launcher’s initial ammo, then active your ability and keep on shooting. People will hate you.

Check the character section to see who all has the Assault abilities.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City tips, tricks, exploits, collectibles, achievements, DLC, review

Cheap kills 1: Explosives
There are two annoying gameplay exploits you need to be wary of in ORC. The first is explosives, which will knock anyone in the blast range to the ground. The trick is that this can be continued ad nauseum, meaning you can repeatedly shoot a grenade launcher or throw grenades at someone so that they fall back down just as they’re getting up. There’s very little they can do about it, but at the same time, you’ll get stuck too if someone turns the tables on you.

How to counter: The Demolition ability Blast Armor prevents you from being knocked down by explosions, as well as decreasing the damage you’ll take. Other than that, there’s not a lot you can do if some noob brings a grenade launcher into a versus match (and they will).

Note: If you want to be a bit more honorable, you can knock the enemy down with a single explosion, then rush in and finish them with a Brutal CQC kill as they’re standing back up. Position yourself behind them to make it harder for them to counter.

Cheap kills 2: Knifing
By spamming the B button, you can quickly slash at any target. When a player gets slashed, they’ll enter a stunned animation, allowing you to slash them again. You can literally repeat this until they die (dozens of slashes), or until someone interrupts you. It’s extremely annoying, especially if you’re the one it happens too, and especially if you get stuck in a corner with two or more enemies slicing you up.

How to counter: Knife them first, always keep your distance, or travel in packs to avoid getting ganged up on. If you find yourself caught up getting knifed endlessly, spam the dive button and eventually you *may* break free.

Easy player kills
Aside from the explosive/CQC combo mentioned above, an easy way to get player kills is in the Survivor versus mode. Wait until the helicopter lands, then find a nearby spot where you can put your back up against a wall and wait for enemies to enter your sights. They’ll most likely be rushing to get onto the helicopter, and since it takes a few seconds to board, you’ll have more than enough time to light them up without worrying about reprisal. Depending on how dumb the other team is, you can do this almost indefinitely, unlocking a few Achievements for kill streaks and CQC kills if you’re feeling brazen.

DLC costumes & weapons
If you already purchased the Special Edition of the game, you have all the available weapons and costumes. If you didn’t, you can purchase the “Weapons Stash and Costumes” pack at a discounted price to get all of the DLC weapons, which were originally pre-order bonuses for various retailers.

There are only six DLC costumes, so if you already bought any DLC pack, you have them all.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City tips, tricks, exploits, collectibles, achievements, DLC, review

The Basics
ORC does a very poor job at explaining how the game’s mechanics work (that is to say it doesn’t explain them at all), so here’s a quick list of things you may find useful:

  • To execute a CQC kill, tap B to slice the enemy with your knife and then immediately tap A to enter the kill animation.
  • If you want to use a zombie as a meatshield, tap and hold B to grab them.
  • You cannot CQC-kill hero characters, even if you’re a hero too.
  • Press Y to activate your active ability (need to have one unlocked/selected first, obviously).
  • Aim for the head. Headshots are extremely vital for kill quicks, regardless of who you’re shooting at.
  • First Aid Sprays and Antiviral Sprays have an area of effect, meaning if you coordinate a heal with your team, you can use one can for everyone. Turn those mics on!
  • A player who has been infected can now be damaged by friendly fire.
  • Infected players will slowly lose health until they turn into an uncontrollable zombie.