Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City tips, tricks, exploits, collectibles, achievements, DLC, review


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Every playable character in the game has two passive abilities and three active abilities to choose from. Each ability has three levels, meaning once you’ve purchased it, you’ll need to spend XP to upgrade it two more times before you’re at the max level.
Once you’ve unlocked/upgrade an ability, it will be available/upgraded for all characters who have access to it.
If you’re going to use an ability, upgrade it right away–there’s no reason to wait (especially passives).
Active abilities are executed by pressing the Y button and have a cooldown timer before you can use them again.
Both passive abilities are always activated, but you can only select one active ability per match.


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MEDIC: Bertha (U.S.S.) & Harley (Spec Ops)


  • First Aid Proficiency – Spawn with a First Aid Spray and increases carrying capacity to two. (750 XP)
  • Field Medic – Restore an additional 16% of health when using Green Herbs and First Aid Sprays. (750 XP)


  • Stimpack – Increase accuracy and movement speed on yourself or a teammate for 15 seconds. Restores after 30 seconds. (1000 XP)
  • Neutralize Infection – Cure an infection or lightly damage an infected enemy. Restores after 20 seconds. (750 XP)
  • Painkiller – Reduces the amount of damage you or a teammate receives by 50% for 10 seconds. Restores after 30 seconds. (1250 XP)

DEMOLITION: Beltway (U.S.S.) & Tweed (Spec Ops)


  • Blast Armor – Prevents you from being knocked down by explosives and reduces the damage received from explosives by 10%. (750 XP)
  • Blast Master – Reduces the time it takes to restore all selectable abilities by two seconds. Can also disable enemies. (750 XP)


  • Fragmentation Mine – Plant a Frag Mine on the floor. Can be manually detonated. The ability restores when all mines are destroyed and takes 20 seconds. (1000 XP)
  • Timed Sticky Explosive – Throw an explosive that sticks to surfaces and detonates after five seconds. Restores after 25 seconds. (1000 XP)
  • Laser Trip Mine – Plant a Trip Mine that sticks to surfaces and detonates once an enemy passes through the laser. Restores after 15 seconds. (1000 XP)

ASSAULT: Lupo (U.S.S.) & Dee-Ay (Spec Ops)


  • Body Armor – Reduces the damage you receive from bullets by 10% (750 XP)
  • Quick Reload – Speeds up the time it takes to reload your weapon by 33% (750 XP)


  • Incendiary Rounds – Shoot flammable ammo for 10 seconds. Ability restores in 30 seconds. (750 XP)
  • Guns A’ Blazin’ – Expel an infinite amount of ammo for 10 seconds. Accuracy and recoil are improved by 33%. Cool down time is 45 seconds. (750 XP)
  • Super Soldier – Nullifies the next three hits. Damage output and weapon accuracy are increased by 10% for eight seconds. Ability restores in 60 seconds. (1250 XP)

FIELD ENGINEER: Four Eyes (U.S.S.) & Shona (Spec Ops)


  • Antiviral Proficiency – Spawn with an Antiviral Spray and increases your carrying capacity to two. (750 XP)
  • Biometric Vision – Clearly see infected specimens and distinguish their weak points from up to 10 meters away. (750 XP)


  • Induce Infection – Use a hypo gun that has a 33% chance to infect a soldier and 90% chance to turn a zombie into a Crimson Head ally. (750 XP)
  • Attraction Pheromone – Throws an AP vial that explodes into a gas that attracts infected enemies. The gas cloud is 12 meters wide and last for 10 seconds. Ability restores after 30 seconds. (1250 XP)
  • Program Infected – Control an infected enemy by shooting them with a Program dart. Restores after 30 seconds. (1250 XP)

SURVEILLANCE: Spectre (U.S.S.) & Party Girl (Spec Ops)


  • Proximity Detection – Increases size of mini-map and automatically reveals enemies within 10 meters. You are also notified when an enemy targets you. (750 XP)
  • Item Detection – Allows you to see all item pick-ups within 10 meters on your mini-map. Item locations are clearly identified on your HUD. (1250 XP)


  • Threat Scanner – Allows you to scan 20 meters around you and automatically identify nearby enemies on all allies’ mini-maps as well as your own. Lasts for 15 seconds and replenishes after 25 seconds. (750 XP)
  • Biothermal Vision – Allows you to clearly see living targets 20 meters away for 10 seconds. The ability restores after two seconds. (750 XP)
  • Sonar Vision – Emits a sonar pulse that reveals enemies and allies, even through solid objects. Lasts for 10 seconds and replenishes after 10 seconds. (1000 XP)

RECON: Vector (U.S.S.) & Willow (Spec Ops)


  • Stealth Run – Increases your movement speed by 5% and reduces the sound of footsteps, allowing you to sprint without being detected on enemy mini-maps. (750 XP)
  • Detection Avoidance – Allows you to avoid being detected on enemy mini-maps while moving at less than 50% of your maximum speed. (750 XP)


  • Motion Detector – Sticks onto any surface and displays enemies on the mini-map within 15 meters. Enemies that trigger the device are stunned. (750 XP)
  • Mimicry – Disguise yourself as an enemy unit after an eligible target has been indicated by the reticle. Lasts for 30 seconds and restores after 20 seconds. (750 XP)
  • Active Camouflage – Renders you mostly invisible for a short period. Some BOWs can still sense your presence. Lasts for 10 seconds and replenishes after 45 seconds. (1250 XP)
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City tips, tricks, exploits, collectibles, achievements, DLC, review

The hero and villain characters from Heroes Mode have unique ability loadouts.


  • Passive: Antiviral Proficiency / First Aid Proficiency
  • Active: Attraction Pheromone / Stimpack / Painkiller


  • Passive: Body Armor / Proximity Detection
  • Active: Incendiary Ammo / Super Soldier / Threat


  • Passive: Blast Master / Stealth Run
  • Active: Motion Detector / Timed Sticky Mine / Laser Trip Wire


  • Passive: Quick Reload / Blast Armor
  • Active: Guns A’ Blazin’ / Fragmentation Mine / Timed Sticky Mine

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City tips, tricks, exploits, collectibles, achievements, DLC, review



  • Passive: Quick Reload / First Aid
  • Active: Incendiary Ammo / Neutralize Infection / Painkiller


  • Passive: Blast Armor / Blast Master
  • Active: Fragmentation Mine / Laser Trip Wire / Attraction Pheromone

Lone Wolf

  • Passive: Body Armor / Antiviral Proficiency
  • Active: Induce Infection / Attraction Pheromone / Guns A’ Blazin’


  • Passive: Stealth Run / Proximity Detection
  • Active: Active Camouflage / Biothermal Vision / Sonar Vision