All right, mom, we’re going to get you to do a Fatality. You know what Fatalities are?

I do ’em in.

You do ’em in, yeah. All right. Here, push X. You have to navigate the menu. Go down to training. Go to “Fatality Practice.” And then pick whose fatality you want to learn.

Let’s do this one here.


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Kitana. OK. Push X one more time. Who do you want to do your Fatality to?

I don’t know.

Who do you want to kill the most out of all these people?

This guy.

Goro? He’s scary, yeah? I was only able to play as him because I pre-ordered the game. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get him.

Mortal Kombat X Goro Hero

Above: Better have pre-ordered.

Image Credit: NetherRealm Studios


Yeah. It’s weird. Here, push X one more time. All right. These are the moves you can do only after you beat the person. This is where you can practice them. All right, push X. You just have to stand in that green space and do the moves up there. So down, right, left, right, Triangle. It’s on the screen!

[My mom literally laughs harder than I’ve ever heard her laugh in life at the prospect of pushing that many buttons in a row.]

What? Just do it! I’ve never heard you laugh this hard.

Down, right —

Left, right, Triangle. OK, just — just look. Just put your one hand on the triangle — that one.

Down, right, left, right, Triangle.

You just have to do it faster than that. Not too fast, though. There, you jumped. Don’t jump. Push X. Now you have to retry. You can’t accidentally hit him. OK, push X again. Down, right, left, right, Triangle.

Wait. Down, right, left, right,Ttriangle?

Yeah, you did it!

Oh, my lord. Oooogh!

What happened to Goro, mom?

I cut his hands off!

What’s that in the middle?

I have no idea.

That’s the top of his head. Select a new fighter. Let’s do another one. Let’s do Scorpion. He’s probably got a good one. Right there.


Right there, with the fire eyes. Push X. All right. Pick someone else to kill.

[She picks Erron Black.] He looks like John Wayne.

That’s good. I think that’s what they were going for. Push X one more time. Push X. Push X. All right, this is even easier than the last one. Just down, left, right, Triangle. You don’t have to go back left again this time. Down, left, right, Triangle. Nope, missed it.

Wait, wrong one.

Above: Wait, wrong one.

Image Credit: Midway

Why did I miss it?

I don’t know. Sometimes you just have to try a few times. Just retry. You’re pushing Circle. You’re pushing Triangle?


All right. Push X, and then do your thing. Down, left, right, Triangle. There you go. You got it in your second try. You blew a hole through his chest.

Ew. There’s his heart. Oh! I cut his face off.

Oh, you see his brain?