I got a blast of sound from Razer‘s new line of audio immersion Nommo and Nommo Pro speakers. The company demoed them at CES 2018, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas this week.

The speakers are designed to give you spatial sound for movies, music, and games. The whole point is to give you help sensing environmental factors in games, such as positional sound that tells you where an enemy is approaching from. Lots of speakers do this, of course, but Razer’s looks cool with its all-black design, cylindrical shape, and Chroma-customizable colors. Razer wants to be the brand for heat-seeking gamers.

The Nommo Pro is a THX Certified, 2.1 speaker system with Dolby Virtual Speaker technology for gaming immersion. The Razer Nommo a 2.0 speaker system is lower-price alternative. During my demo, I didn’t catch much of the surround feeling when I was standing in the back. But when I sat in the chair at the desk and played a little Call of Duty: WWII, the sound felt like it came from all directions, with different pieces such as shouts from soldiers coming from specific places.

The speakers feature accurate positional audio using true left and right stereo imaging for positional sound. The Nommo Pro features Independent Tweeters for enhanced highs to catch minute details in gaming audio.


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The Razer Nommo Pro features a USB, Optical, Bluetooth, and 3.5-millimeter jack and control pod that places volume, source controls, and a headphone jack within reach. The Razer Nommo Pro is powered by Razer Chroma, with access to 16.8 million customizable colors.

The prices range from $100 for Nommo to $580 for Nommo Pro. The speakers are available at Razerstore.com.

Check out the video for a full explanation of the Nommo speakers.