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Developer Spry Fox’s roguelike puzzler Road Not Taken is all about figuring things out as you go. It’s like life, really — you start out knowing nothing and learn from experience, failure, and experimentation. This is especially true of its recipes, in which you combine two or more objects to create something new.

Like the rest of it, you’re supposed to learn all of this from trying it out, because life does not come with a strategy guide.

Luckily, however, video games can, so here’s a handy catalog of every recipe in Road Not Taken. Click on an individual item below (or in the guide itself) to go to its page and see what it does, how to make it, and how you can use it to get other cool stuff. You can reference by image or search for the name of the thing you’re looking for.


BearAngry BeeBerry BearBoarCrowDaemon BunnaeEvil RaccoonFoxGiant BearHawkLeshyMoleImpOwlPigPlacid RaccoonRock ChewerScared BeeWolfYeti


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 BearBeeBerry Bear • BoarCrowDaemon BunnaeEvil RaccoonFoxGiant BearHawkLeshyMole • Night Imp • OwlPigPlacid RaccoonRock Eater • Scared BeeWolfYeti


Apple Family Dinner Fearsome Stew Honey Mole Stew Owlhead Pickles Poison Frog Pork Roast Raccoon Stew Royal Jelly Toadstool Yeti Stew

AppleFamily DinnerFearsome StewJar of HoneyMole StewOwlhead PicklesPoison Toad • Pork RoastRaccoon StewRoyal Honey • ToadstoolYeti Stew

House Items

Large Pot  Playful Cat Pot of Spare StaffsLarge ShardsSmall Shards Sleepy Cat Small Pot  Stool

Large Pot • Playful CatPot of Spare Staffs • Shattered Large Pot • Sleeping CatSmall PotShattered Small Pot • Stool

Lost Items

Backpack Doll Shoe



Child Parent Precocious Child

ChildParentPrecocious Child

Plant Life

Dead Tree Hedge Oak Tree Pine Tree Shrub Stone Seed Thorn Bush Thorn Tree

Dead TreeHedgeOak • Pine • Shrubbery • Stone SeedThorn BushThorn Tree


Potion of Duplication Potion of Fear Potion of Following Potion of Grip Potion of Movement Potion of Stun

Potion of Duplication • Potion of Fear • Potion of Following • Potion of Grip • Potion of Movement • Stun Potion


Angry Spirit Doom SpiritFlame Spirit Ghost Girl Light Spirit Very Angry Spirit Willowisp

Stony Things

Ancient Mortar Bear Statue Forest Shrine GraveHeavy Rock Jumpstone Locked Wall Lodestone Vase of Ashes

Ancient MortarBear StatueForest ShrineGraveHeavy Rock • JumpstoneLocked WallLodestoneVase of Ashes


Axe Beehive BoneFire Ice Skeleton Key Skull Spear Wood

Ax • BeehiveBone • FireIceSkeleton KeySkull • SpearWood


Berry Copper Rabbit