Road Not Taken GamesBeat recipe guide


What it does: Leshy is weird. And he attacks two squares to the left or right, so he’s also mean.

How to make it:

My guess is that you’d combine a tree, a walrus, and the nightmares of lonely children. But you can’t make Leshy in the game.


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What it makes:

If you take an Ax to Leshy, you can chop him down into a Rock Eater.

LeshyAxeRoad Not Taken EqualsRock Chewer

You can also throw two Leshies together and get a Toadstool.

LeshyLeshyRoad Not Taken EqualsToadstool

And if you don’t like Leshy but still feel like having something attack you, toss a Forest Shrine his way to make an Evil Raccoon.

LeshyForest ShrineRoad Not Taken EqualsEvil Raccoon

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