Road Not Taken GamesBeat recipe guide


What it does: Restores eight points of energy.

How to make it:

Apple recipes are various, and not one of them involves waiting for a tree to grow. So Road Not Taken’s universe beats our universe there. Anyway, you can combine two Flame Spirits and an Ancient Mortar…


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Flame SpiritFlame SpiritAncient Mortar

…or you can throw a Thorn Tree next to a Mortar.

Thorn TreeAncient Mortar

If all you can find is a Thorn Bush, don’t worry. That’ll work just as well.

Thorn BushAncient Mortar

Finally, if you manage to open a Locked Wall with a Skeleton Key, the game will toss you an Apple just for funsies.

Locked WallSkeleton Key

What it makes:

Put two Apples together to make a Potion of Movement.

AppleAppleEqualsPotion of Movement

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