Road Not Taken GamesBeat recipe guide


What it does: Bears won’t hurt you, but they might block your way. They move one space for every two steps you take. And they’re cute, so that might be distracting.

How to make it:

Only love can make a bear.


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What it makes:

Three Bears merge to make one Bear Statue. It’s a fitting tribute to those we lost in its creation.

BearBearBearRoad Not Taken EqualsBear Statue

Four Bears combine to form one Giant Bear. And that makes sense, I guess. It’s like Bear Voltron.

BearBearBearBearRoad Not Taken EqualsGiant Bear

And if you can line up a full-on Teddy Bear Picnic of five, you get a Mole.

BearBearBearBearBearRoad Not Taken EqualsMole

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