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Large ShardsShattered Large Pot

What it does: They just lie there, a silent monument to your clumsiness.

How to make it:

Throw a Large Pot at the wall. Duh.

Large Pot

What it makes:

If you have no need to store anything, but you have some guests coming over, you can start combining Shattered Large and Small Pots into Stools.

Shattered Large PotShattered Small PotEqualsStool

Or if you’d rather have your Large Pot back, ask your cat to help.

Shattered Large PotPlayful CatEqualsLarge Pot

You don’t even have to wake it up first.

Large ShardsSleepy CatEqualsLarge Pot

If you have a couple of Shattered Large Pots lying around and want to save some space, combine them into one Large Pot.

Large ShardsLarge ShardsEqualsLarge Pot

And if you need another Pot of Spare Staffs, you can make that happen, too.

Large ShardsShattered Small PotShattered Small PotEqualsPot of Spare Staffs

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