Road Not Taken GamesBeat recipe guide

Small ShardsShattered Small Pot

What it does: They lie there as grim reminders of the wages of violence.

How to make it:

See that Small Pot over there? Pick it up and throw it at something.


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Small Pot

Sometimes, you also get these if you break a Large Pot.

Large Pot

What it makes:

You can reverse that senseless destruction if you have a Cat handy. No, really.

Small ShardsPlayful CatEqualsSmall Pot

Don’t even bother waking it up. Just chuck the shards over there near it.

Small ShardsSleepy CatEqualsSmall Pot

Hey, don’t even worry about the Cat. Just throw two Shattered Small Pots together and watch how much better off you are.

Small ShardsSmall ShardsEqualsLarge Pot

But who needs pots, anyway? Mix a Shattered Small Pot with its larger counterpart, and then take a load off on your new Stool.

Small ShardsLarge ShardsEqualsStool

Or you can combine two of them with one Shattered Large Pot to make a Pot for Spare Staffs.

Small ShardsSmall ShardsLarge ShardsEqualsPot of Spare Staffs

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