Road Not Taken GamesBeat recipe guide


What it does: It makes sitting easier and immature people giggle.

How to make it:

Obviously, the easiest way to make a wooden stool is to throw two piles of shattered earthenware together. Like, say, some Shattered Small and Large Pots.


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Small ShardsLarge Shards

What it makes:

Placing two Stools next to each other creates a telekinetic net capable of gathering enough psychic energy to summon a Ghost Girl. Well, you tell me how that works..

StoolStoolEqualsGhost Girl

If you don’t want a Ghost Girl, however, add a Pot for Spare Staffs to this recipe, and you’ll get an adorable Playful Cat to snuggle.

StoolStoolPot of Spare StaffsEqualsPlayful Cat

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