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Angry SpiritAngry Spirit

What it does: It haunts, stalks, and attacks you to whittle down your precious energy.

How to make it:

You want to avoid it if possible, but if you just must have an Angry Spirit following you around, combine two Flame Spirits and a Light Spirit. Or just avoid mixing these three things; that’s probably the better takeaway here.


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Flame SpiritFlame SpiritLight Spirit

Or if you have a Very Angry Spirit on your tail, lose some energy until it simmers down a bit. That won’t really solve the whole “Angry Spirit trying to hurt you” problem, but it’s a start.

Very Angry Spirit

What it makes:

If you have an Angry Spirit and a lot of energy, it’ll only enrage that monster further.

Angry SpiritEqualsVery Angry Spirit

An Angry Spirit plus a Light Spirit will get you a piece of Wood.

Angry SpiritLight SpiritEqualsWood

And if you can manage to toss an Ancient Mortar into this beastie, you can make some delicious Fearsome Stew.

Angry SpiritAncient Mortar

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