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Flame SpiritFlame Spirit

What it does: They just kinda hang around and rob you of 10 energy if you accidentally walk into them.

How to make it:

They’re more or less crafting components with (adorable) faces, and they’re everywhere, so you need not make them yourself. But if you really want to, you can combine a Berry Bear and an Ancient Mortar.


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Berry BearAncient Mortar

What it makes:

Three Flame Spirits make an Ax.

Flame SpiritFlame SpiritFlame SpiritEqualsAxe

If a Rabbit gets too close to a Flame Spirit, it becomes an evil Daemon Bunnae.

Flame SpiritRabbitEqualsDaemon Bunnae

Two Flame Spirits combine with an Ancient Mortar to get you a sweet Apple.

Flame SpiritFlame SpiritAncient MortarEqualsApple

A party of five Flame Spirits distills a Potion of Duplication.

Flame SpiritFlame SpiritFlame SpiritFlame SpiritFlame SpiritEqualsPotion of Duplication

If you need something to strike terror into the hearts of your enemies, hurl a Flame Spirit into an Ancient Mortar to make a Potion of Fear.

Flame SpiritAncient MortarEqualsPotion of Fear

Rid yourself of three pesky Hawks and a Flame Spirit to grab a Potion of Movement.

Flame SpiritHawkHawkHawkEqualsPotion of Movement

Two Flame Spirits and a Light Spirit walk into a bar. They combine to form an Angry Spirit. This joke has no punchline.

Flame SpiritFlame SpiritLight SpiritEqualsAngry Spirit

If you have a couple of Flame Spirits, two Light Spirits, and a Shoe, you can summon the Ghost Girl.

Flame SpiritFlame SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritShoeEqualsGhost Girl

Swap the Shoe with a Doll and get the same sad spirit.

Flame SpiritFlame SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritDollEqualsGhost Girl

You can also use the Backpack to get a Ghost Girl. This completes the Sadness Trifecta.

Flame SpiritFlame SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritBackpackEqualsGhost Girl

And because three bummers isn’t enough, a Bone will also work here.

Flame SpiritFlame SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritBoneEqualsGhost Girl

And if your energy drops below 10, Flame Spirits turn into Doom Spirits. And then you’re really in trouble.

Doom Spirit

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