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Light SpiritLight Spirit

What it does: It’s an ingredient in a lot of recipes, and it’ll take 5 points of your energy if you accidentally walk into it. Because they’re nicer than Flame Spirits, but not by much.

How to make it:

No need to craft these. They’re everywhere. But it’s worth noting that if your energy falls below 10, and then you recover, all Doom Spirits will turn into Light Spirits.


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Doom Spirit

What it makes:

A quintet of Light Spirits makes one Crow.

Light SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritEqualsCrow

A trio of Light Spirits and an Ancient Mortar create a Jumpstone.

Light SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritAncient MortarEqualsJumpstone

One Light Spirit and an Ancient Mortar combine to make a Potion of Grip.

Light SpiritAncient MortarEqualsPotion of Grip

Four Light Spirits will net you a Stun Potion.

Light SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritEqualsPotion of Stun

You’ll want to avoid putting one Light Spirit next to two Flame Spirits. That will spit out an Angry Spirit that won’t like you much.

Light SpiritFlame SpiritFlame SpiritEqualsAngry Spirit

If it’s a Ghost Girl you’re after, toss together two Light Spirits, two Flame Spirits, and a dash of Backpack.

Light SpiritLight SpiritFlame SpiritFlame SpiritBackpackEqualsGhost Girl

Or Doll.

Light SpiritLight SpiritFlame SpiritFlame SpiritDollEqualsGhost Girl

Or Shoe.

Light SpiritLight SpiritFlame SpiritFlame SpiritShoeEqualsGhost Girl

Or Bone.

Light SpiritLight SpiritFlame SpiritFlame SpiritBoneEqualsGhost Girl

You can also use these guys to gather Wood. Like if you combine one with an Angry (but not a Very Angry) Spirit.

Light SpiritAngry SpiritEqualsWood

Or you can put four of them around a Thorn Bush.

Light SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritThorn BushEqualsWood

A Thorn Tree will also work.

Light SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritThorn TreeEqualsWood

And if your energy drops below 10 points, these cute guys turn into the less cute and more persistent Doom Spirit.

Doom Spirit

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