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Ancient MortarAncient Mortar

What it does: It burns a lot of stuff to turn it into more useful things.

How to make it:

You don’t have to. The Ancient Mortar has been lying in wait since time immemorial just waiting to be super useful.


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What it makes:

If it’s lunch you’re after, cook two Flame Spirits to get an Apple.

Ancient MortarFlame SpiritFlame SpiritEqualsApple

You can also burn an Apple out of a Thorn Bush.

Ancient MortarThorn BushEqualsApple

A Thorn Tree will also help you suck up to your teacher.

Ancient MortarThorn TreeEqualsApple

Hot food is also delicious. Throw an Ancient Mortar into an Angry or Very Angry Spirit to make Fearsome Stew.

Ancient MortarAngry SpiritEqualsFearsome Stew

Ancient MortarVery Angry SpiritEqualsFearsome Stew

You can burn up three Light Spirits to make a Jumpstone.

Ancient MortarLight SpiritLight SpiritLight SpiritEqualsJumpstone

If for whatever reason you’d like to make a Stone Seed, the Ancient Mortar can help you out. Just throw it together with a Dead Tree and a Heavy Rock.

Ancient MortarDead TreeHeavy RockEqualsStone Seed

An Oak also works in this recipe.

Ancient MortarOak TreeHeavy RockEqualsStone Seed

As does a Pine.

Ancient MortarPine TreeHeavy RockEqualsStone Seed

Half of the game’s potions use the Ancient Mortar. For example, if you toss a Flame Spirit into the fire, you get a Potion of Fear.

Ancient MortarFlame SpiritEqualsPotion of Fear

The same goes for three Willowisps.

Ancient MortarWillowispWillowispWillowispEqualsPotion of Fear

You can create a Potion of Following by purifying an Owl.

Ancient MortarOwlEqualsPotion of Following

Finally, the Ancient Mortar and a Light Spirit join forces to make a Potion of Grip.

Ancient MortarLight SpiritEqualsPotion of Grip

An Ancient Mortar will replace one of those tricky Bear Statues with a slightly more useful block of Ice.

Ancient MortarBear StatueEqualsIce

If you’re inexplicably low on Flame Spirits, you can make them by combining the Ancient Mortar with a Berry Bear.

Ancient MortarBerry BearEqualsFlame Spirit

And finally, combining the Mortar with a Rabbit leaves you with a Berry for your friends back home.

Ancient MortarRabbitEqualsBerry

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