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Forest ShrineForest Shrine

What it does: You can make an offering to the Forest Shrine to set up a checkpoint so that you don’t have to start over if you fail.

How to make it:

You can’t. It is eternal.


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What it makes:

If you can line things up just right, throwing a Forest Shrine at a Doom Spirit will turn it into a harmless Rabbit.

Forest ShrineDoom SpiritEqualsRabbit

You can get a mean old Boar if you combine the Forest Shrine with a Willowisp.

Forest ShrineWillowispEqualsBoar

Or you can make a cranky, stinging Bee with a Lodestone.

Forest ShrineLodestoneEqualsAngry Bee

Chuck Leshy in there, and an Evil Raccoon will emerge.

Forest ShrineLeshyEqualsEvil Raccoon

You can also get all spooky if you want; combine a Hawk and the Forest Shrine to make a Willowisp.

Forest ShrineHawkEqualsWillowisp

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