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Heavy RockHeavy Rock

What it does: Gets in your way, mostly. You can’t move it without a Potion of Grip or an animal/item that move things for you.

How to make it:

If they’re not just lying around, you can also sprout one by tossing a Stone Seed.


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Stone Seed

Or a Rock Eater will, um … “produce” one. But then the chompy little guy will gobble it up.

Rock Chewer

What it makes:

In an elegant demonstration of the Circle of Life, Stone Seeds make Heavy Rocks which can then create more Stone Seeds when you combine a Heavy Rock with an Ancient Mortar and a Dead Tree.

Heavy RockAncient MortarDead TreeEqualsStone Seed

The tree can also be alive, like this Oak:

Heavy RockAncient MortarOak TreeEqualsStone Seed

Or festive, like this Pine:

Heavy RockAncient MortarPine TreeEqualsStone Seed

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