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What it does: Some say the world will end in Fire, some say in Ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire, I side with those who favor Fire. Fire’s actually a good thing; lighting one in a room improves the weather, which will eventually let you carry items around without losing any energy. It’s also a vital component to cooking.

How to make it:

Rub two pieces of Wood together. Just like in the movies.


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What it makes:

If you want a hot meal, you can’t do any better than a Fire. Here’s my grandma’s recipe for Mole Stew.

FireMoleMoleEqualsMole Stew

You can also cook up some Raccoons. I wonder if the Evil version is spicier.

FirePlacid RaccoonEqualsRaccoon Stew

FireEvil RaccoonEqualsRaccoon Stew

You can make a Pork Roast out of a Pig.

FirePigEqualsPork Roast

If preserves are more your thing, cook two Owls into Owlhead Pickles. Because that’s how pickling works, right?

FireOwlOwlEqualsOwlhead Pickles

And if you track down an elusive Yeti and think it belongs in your face, you can prepare some Yeti Stew.

FireYetiEqualsYeti Stew

It’s not all food, though. Exposing a Child to Fire will make her into a Precocious Child. And then she’ll follow you around all on her own.

FireChildEqualsPrecocious Child

Finally, if you have a Daemon Bunnae harassing you, it’ll turn back into a cute Rabbit (and give you a Copper) if you can get it to eat a Fire.

FireDaemon BunnaeEqualsRabbitCopper

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